thank God for the vouchers…

I’ve been trying to avoid the mall for sometimes
because there are too many temptation during the season
Christmas decoration, red dress and other things
I try not to buy anything other than our weekly grossary
My last spending is to print the Christmas Card (I’ll post it tomorrow)
and to buy ingredients for my christmas cupcakes I am giving away
last night we went to the mall because my sister need to buy something
I’ve told my kids we are not go shopping and they are quite ok with that
but thank God for the vouchers
My husband got some voucher for using his credit card
So last night we can eat baskin and robbin ice cream,

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then have tuna sandwich and cinnamon tea at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

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and if my husband didn’t give the 4 movie tickets to somebody
we can see a movie and our night will be complete
But that’s ok, can’t have too much fun at once
We just spend 5 dollars for the differences
as for other things I don’t have to worry
I still have many red or green dress from previous years
and with our new house’s paint, the old decoration looks even better
What I need is not a new things but a grateful heart
for God has given me so much….


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