dealing with my past…

Last Saturday we help mom and dad cleaned their house
This is a big project my brother Pierre initiated
I am 100% for it because I do love cleaning up
and it will be fun and lighter to do it together
during the cleaning we found many old stuff
pictures, books, document, letters and many other things.
mine were put in trash bags to be sort out later
the cleaning lasted 10 hours, we go home very tired

Today I just get the time to go through my things
2 bags full of letters, some are from my penpal abroad
I remember when I join an international friendship club
and got mails from US, Germany, Estonia even Pakistan
and others from my family and friends when I was in college
there are also postcards, birthday and Christmas cards
And I even found my old song books and diary from 1986

Read some of the letters bring backs so many memories
Some friends are still keep in touch through Facebook
but the others are nowhere to be found I’ve try searching
Read my diary even more sentimental, see myself in my 20’s
so young and energic, full of live, hopes and dreams
am I now really become what I want to be that time?
Read some card make me happy and sad at the same time
people wrote many nice things about me, I’ve touch some lives
But where are the unconditional love and passion now?

Going through old stuff this time of the year isn’t too bad
It’s actually help me to regain some things I have lost
It also help me to refocus what I really need to achieve in the future
After sort out what to throw away, I keep the rest in a box
My husband help me to keep it in the storeroom
Maybe one day I can reopen it and share some here in my blog
But for now it’s enough coz my allergic of dust started to kick in


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