I am grateful for 2012 because…

it’s the year I stay home as full time mother
It’s the year I still have my family in complete set
it’s the year I visit Makassar and Palopo-my childhood place- with my dad
it’s the year we renovated our house after 9 years
It’s the year my kids started their friendship with Angel and Rio
it’s the year we started the Shining Star Bible talk
It’s the year I travel to 3 places in a month, Bali, Ambon & Surabaya
It’s the year my Jasmine get to grade 6 and got better grades
It’s the year we got phone line, 24 hours internet and Cable TV
It’s the year My husband accompany me in my morning walks a lot
It’s the year we get Niyomee the dog and Rihanna the cat
It’s the year I dare myself to be a translator for a gym tools
It’s the year My brother David got a bronze medal in Paralimpics, London
It’s the year I work on my garden quite often
It’s the year both of my kids got trophies from Sunday School
It’s the year my husband become fulltime at CAE and enjoy his work
It’s the year I started to really into cooking and baking
It’s the year My husband and I join hands and pray together every week
It’s the year Jasmine is really growing in her singing technics
It’s the year I got to know and be friend with some people from Bible Study
It’s the year I didn’t got to buy lot of stuff but yet feel so blessed
It’s the year I met some more old friends @ Facebook
It’s the year my kids started to help out with the household chores
It’s the year My brother Pierre and his family come to visit from Africa
It’s the year I enjoy my life just as I expect it to be


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