bye bye baby…

I just realized starting this new year without a camera is a bit painful for me. But I have to do it because we have an obligation and the only way to fulfill it is by let go of that camera. It’s been with us for 5 years and It’s always there to recorded many moments in my life. Birthdays, holidays, Christmas, friends weddings, preweddings, other formal events or just my daily life at home. That’s not our first camera, it actually the 3rd digital camera we have, but it’s SLR so the best one we ever have.
canon 1
Canon 40D, 10 megapixel, standart lens… I use to hate it because it felt so heavy. When I have to cover an all day wedding, my wrist hurt and tired. Once my husband left me in the middle of a wedding for a funeral, and I go crazy with the camera setting, but most of all it gave me the great result. It made people believe I am a great photographer. I still remember it firm body, and the fast click to capture the moments. The clarity of the pictures and how I can set so the focus and light just like the way I want it. Can’t count how many pictures it has produces, but flowers, cats and dogs, kids, foods and home interior are some of my favorites lately…
canon 2
Maybe just like a writer lost his pen, or a tailor lost her needle, now I feel kind of lost without it. Last Monday I actually kiss it goodbye before my husband took it away. Hopefully can buy a new one in the near future. cross my fingers…


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