back to reading…

It’s kind of sad but embarrasing at the same time
to admit that I haven’t read that much book last year
Maybe only 4? or 5 the most
compare to the previous years when I still work
I can read up to 40 books a year
Not because I have no time but the focus that got swift
There are cable TV and Internet at home
that easier to reach when I have free time
Is also not because I have no books
There are more than enough unread books on the shelf
waiting for me to open and dive into it
3 days ago I decided to started with one
“Because of Winn-Dixie” by kate DiCamillo
And I am glad I decided to pick this one
because this 182 pages book from Scholastic enchanted me
The story is simply told but magical
it’s about a girl with a funny name India Opal Buloni
found a dog by accident and name it Winn-Dixie
since that time on her life is change to the better
she met with an old lady who own a library and told her great stories
she become friend with Otis who play music for the animal
she found out 10 things about her mother who leave them
she eat peanut butter sandwich with a lady who the kids thought is a witch
she got to understand why Amanda Wilkinson face was always pinched up
she become friends with the 2 boys who always pick on her
and she got to appreciate her father – the preacher – more
I told this story to my kids before they go to sleep
I haven’t did this for a long time since I have no story in my head
my kids love the story and like the fact that I read for them
so I think I should keep on reading now…should I?

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