back to library…

related to one of my resolution which is back to read
Today we decided to enrolled our family in a library
love the name Rimba Baca means Reading Jungle
is not far from my house and closed to my kids school
almost every week we past it on the way home from church
It’s open for more than a year but it’s our first time stop by
The place is nice, 2 story building full of air conditioner
As we come in the shelves with lots of book are so inviting
As I talk to the “librarian” my daughter started to roaming
She also loves to read so she’s just exciting as I was
My husband and son came in later and they also liked it
It has children books downstairs and adults books upstairs
The books are mostly English and some Indonesia and other language
So cozy with sofa, chairs and tables, even beanbag on the floor
They also have a room for craft activity with an assistant
and every Saturday they have story telling event
as an ex-librarian I go around check for the books and everything
even though it doesn’t use DDC and the common library system
but this is the concept of library I’ve been always dream of
So we pay the membership fee and borrow 5 books right away
I think this will be one of the place we will visit often this year.

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2 thoughts on “back to library…

  1. Nova, why dont u set up library at flamboyan. Build a small room in from the houses. Make it as library. I still have many books that could be put in your library

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