off to the next life…

Culture, religion and tradition are so fascinating
yesterday I attend the wake of my sister-in-law’s father-in-law
They are Chinesse and they are Budhist
so the way to sent off the dead are a bit strange for me
When we arrived the family were busy folding yellow paper
I was told that it’s going to be his currency in the next life
they also have a mini house made of decorative paper
complete with 2 paper puppet who’s will be his helper there
a mini car, a mini refrigerator, and mini TV all made of paper
They believe those things will be his belongings in heaven
as we eat the refreshment, some peanuts, sunflower seeds and sour candy
my daughter asked me about all this preparation
It’s hard for her to believe all the paper stuff will work in heaven
I told her that’s what they believe and we have to respect it
there is meaning behind everything that we don’t understand
when the body arrived, he was handsome in his black suit
all the sons with their family bow down on the floor to show their respect
Then the family stand in front of the table full of food and other things
They light up stick incense and say a pray for the journey of their father
I think even though it’s different for every religion
but we all believe there is a life after death
and we want it to be better than what we have on earth
so we all make some preparation…

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