today i…

wake up late because last night I couldn’t sleep so I watched TV till 5

heard my phone ring, my husband pick it up, it’s my mom called about Pak Aki

sleep till 8
made pancake for breakfast

did 2 sets of laundry and hoping for a sunny day

clean up the garden and worked on some pots of plant a friend gave us last night

am glad to see the kids help with some house chores without complaining

had Soto Ayam for lunch, it’s been awhile since we eat there

took the kids to read at Rimba Baca and leave them there

finished “Spain or Shine” and borrow “A thousand Splendid suns”

visit Pak Aki who is sick in the hospital

met my mom and brother Joe there

was pick up by my husband who picked up the kids first from the library

cooked meatball for dinner and we ate together

and my family watched the movie “courageous”

will have my quite time because I haven’t done it in the morning

am happy


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