3 women, 3 stories, 1 purpose

This past week I have engaged with 3 stories related to Chinese women.
I am not a chinese but my husband has the blood.
And one character of Chinese is hard worker
I can see it from my husband who work several jobs.
I am proud of him and I realize as a wife I must support him,
not spoil or easily give up when the hard times comes
These 3 women, did lots of thing in their life, some good and some bad
but they surely are strong women who fight for what you believe in….

First is Joo Da Hae from Korean Drama Queen of Ambition
She came from a poor family, molested by her stepfather as a child.
Helped by Ha Ryu, an old friend, who give up college for her
Dae Hae and Ha Ryu live together and have a daughter till she graduated
But Da Hae turned cold when found out Ha Ryu work as a male prostitute to support her
She end up leave him with the son of Baek Hak the owner of a large company she worked for
The story become so sad when the daughter Byu Eul died and Ha Ryu blame her for that
The rest of the story about Dae hae try to reach the top position
which is The first lady by helping a man to become The President of Korea
But at the same time Ha Ryu who disguise as his twin brother Attorney Cha
Try to stop her by proving that she killed his brother.

The second character is from the book Empress Orchid by Anchee Mee
A Machu girl who enter the Forbidden city by becoming one of Emperor Concubine
She went through a very tight competition with many other girls
Although she was choosen she has to wait months before summoned by the Emperor
She learn how to please him in bed and the emperor made her his favorite
She learned politics and approached different people in the government
she give birth to a son and fight for him to inherit the throne,
The Emperor got really sick and died in the young age
but Orchid work together with The Empress and with the help of her eunuch
work hard to reach for her dream…

The 3rd lady is Li Ding-er from TV drama Merajut Asa kembali at Daai TV
She got married to Ke Gou-Shou at the age of 23 by arrangement.
Gou_shou father has a factory that he split to both of his sons
The pressure of work made Gou-Shou streesfull and turn harsh to his family
they both have 4 kids but A-er wasn’t happy with her husband and in-laws
She lost her hope for the marriage and plan to divorce
Luckily Gou-Shou met the Tzu Chi people who help him to change
Eventhough it took a long time, but finally A-er realize that her husband truly repent
Their business goes well and they build a bigger house
They both become the Tzu Chi comitee member and practice the teachings
This drama based on a true story because at the end of the show they interview the real people…


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