back to work….

it’s good to be back
work is good to keep my mind work
and even though at first i was struggle with the traffic
but I have to admit I love to go back to work…
the working hour is up to me
so I work 3 days a week, monday, wednesday and friday
and only 8 to 13 sometimes later if i came late
so I still have times with my kids
and Tuesday and Thursday I can have other activities
What I do is to set up a small library for a preschool
I love to be in touch with children books
data input, labeling, plastic wrapping and shelfing
are things I need to finish in 2 months
Maybe it will took a little longer but i don’t mind
another great thing is I met a girl there and we become friend
we found out that we have so much in common
my friends are jealous of me I also feel so lucky
My husband said another similar project has waiting for me
Thank God for this work….


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