walkaton 2013

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as i write this post, all my body parts are tired and ache from the event
but yet every year i always waiting for walkaton
first because it’s the only time i can literary walk through Thamrin, the protocol street of Jakarta
second because we’re doing it in a large group of friends and family
you can walk, run or bike, bring babies and stroller even pets are allowed
and thirdly because we’re doing it for the good cost, Stop tuberculosis
this year my cousin and niece join us but sadly i got separate from my kids and husband
i took some pictures of my friends along the way, 1 pic of me but no pics of my family
the event stated at 7, there was Jokowi our Mayor in the opening ceremony
we walked about 5 km from Monas, to Bundaran Hotel Indonesia and back
when we get to the finish line we can endorse our coupons for some snack and drink
i really enjoy the cold chocolate milk from one of the sponsor because it got so hot
usually we stay longer but yesterday we left early so we can get some rest home…


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