good bye om frank…

om frank was a father of my friend Igo Setlight
He came to church 3 years ago and become my brother in Chist year 2011
He’s a short and chubby guy but so warm and friendly
He always come early to church service and fired up to serve
Every time we talk he always give me encouragement
Last month is our sector turn to serve as ushers
Om frank really give his heart, he help coordinate the older members
I remember talked to him after our first week ushering
He share about his life before he became a Christian
So amazing how God can change people heart and life
I remember om Frank cooked a fish for my birthday
I don’t even know it until later because he told my husband not to tell me
I also remember Om Frank invite us to a wedding party
We don’t know this couple, the bride is om Frank’s niece
It was a nice party and om Frank cooked some of the food.
Om Frank got sick on Wednesday after came back from a service
I didn’t see him on Saturday service and in Walkaton on Sunday
I was shocked to hear from my husband that he pass away on Monday
Eventhough he’s 74 but I never thought he will leave us so soon
But his life examples inspired me and many others
Thank you so much om Frank…
See you in heaven…

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