under my umbrella….ella…ella….

Me and umbrella never have a happy ending story
for some reason I can’t keep an umbrella for long
That’s why I don’t like to carry one with me
because when I bring one, I will forgot it somewhere
either in my friends car or someone’s house or at the mall

I remember the sunflower umbrella my favorite one
sunflower umbrellaThis one i got from my cousin Julia when she came to visit from Aussie
It was when my daughter just a little baby and we took her to the office
I hang the umbrella on the side of her stroller then put it the back of our pick up
someone stole it when we gave him a ride back there

Then I also remember when my father came to visit me in the US
he gave (or lend) me a mickey mouse black and white umbrella
Mickey umbrellaThat one was not even 24 hours last in my hand
After my father and sister visit me in Providence that day,
I catch up the bus to Boston after my afternoon class
but it happened I took the bus to New York instead
So when I hurry get off I forgot that umbrella in the bus

Nowadays I carry the umbrella with UK flag Red and Blue
UK umbrellaMy sister bought it for my mother last year
when they attend my brother played in Paralympics Games
My mother lend it to my daughter because it was rain
I asked my mother if I can keep it for awhile
because ever since I go back to work I really need one
especially in the rainy season like these
but also when the sun shine bright in the sky
I have to walk about 1 km from the office to get a bus
and the umbrella keep me going in any kind of weather
I really hope this one will last until I return it to mom…


One thought on “under my umbrella….ella…ella….

  1. an umbrella forgetful woman….just like me…. πŸ˜€
    now I always use folding umbrella, so I can keep it in my bag… πŸ™‚

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