first audition….

Yesterday my daughter go for her first audition
she was so excited even though the timing is not perfect
They just told us on Sunday that it will be Monday at 5pm
and this Monday Jasmine starting her school exam
I was debated whether jasmine should go for it or not
But this is a great opportunity and she loves to sing
So we told her to really use her time effectively
because on Tuesday is Math, her weakest subject
After work I went home directly, she already had lunch
I told her to pick and practice a song that she like
and she pick God Speaking from Mandisa,
later on when I really listen to this song, I was so touch

Less than an hour, I told her to get ready,
she brought her math book and song book
we’re going by public transportation to a place
where my husband meet us and we went together
I was worry we will be late but we get there on time
Around 12 kids went for the Audition with Steve Johnson
among them is Angel, Jasmine’s best Friend
They’ve calling each other to make sure they will come
Mango aka Steve try to make the kids feel relax by playing
because not all kids are ready and confident to perform
He’s so good to make them come to the microphone
just to say something and later on sang a song
Some kids come up to the stage and sang
I told her to take the opportunity to sing by herself
Jasmine got nervous that she forget her song’s title
but she did it… I am so proud of her…
bThen I realize I need to prepared myself for the future
because if this is what my daughter want to pursuit in life
I need to support her through victory and failure…



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