for eveline on your b’day…

Meeting Eveline is like meeting the young version of me,
full of dream, full of live, eager to learn…
I didn’t realize we have so much in common till we talked
I was just working at SS for couple days at the time.
She was printing something on the computer next to me.
First thing we find out that we go to the same Church
I was in the South and she recently join the campus in the East
So glad that she’s my sister-in-Christ…
I told her how I become a Christian and my journey till now
She’s such a great listener that make me keep on talking
Terus…Terus… (and then….what next) she said
She reminded me of my daughter when I tell her a story
She call me Tante means Auntie, makes me feel kind of old
But in fact I could have kid her age if I get married right after graduation.
That weekend I told my kids that I have a new and cool friend at work.
Anyway, just like me, Elin that how she call herself, also love to read
I told her about Rimba Baca the Library I’ve always visit on Saturday
and she told me about some books and author she has read
Then we found out that we both have blog because we love writing
I told her how I have a hard time to write since I work
and man……she also shared my feeling
We exchange our blog address, hers is
she wrote in Bahasa, simple topics about daily life
I read some of her posts and like her writing style, also her poem.
It turn out she also love adventure and photography
I told her that’s what I did with my kids on the weekend
I took them to the rice field or to the pond or river nearby
I want them to love nature just like me….
She said she and her best friends also like to do that,
last time they went to Kota Tua (if I remember correctly)
I invited her to come to our house and have some adventure together
But at the moment she’s tight with her school works
Hopefully someday soon we can find the time to go to the Library
we even think about write a book together….what a great idea.
We don’t really have much time together because she’s busy in her class
But every time we have a chance to talk we just connect so well
2 days ago was her Birthday.

Happy Birthday Elin, I wish you a meaningful and exciting life in your 20’s

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