fun @ wowzonia

got a free invitation to wowzania from a friend on Friday night
didn’t know what to expect but seems like it’s a great place for the kids
Saturday morning we go by taxi, my first time coz it’s a new mall.
met my friend, she’s with her family, husband and 2 kids
Turned out it’s the Grand Opening and so many people invited.
lucky we get there on time and got a nice seat while the kids are playing
They have Putters, glow in the dark mini golf, Toddler Gym,
Super Play Gym complete with flying fox, trampoline, waterfall slide,
Space ball, another glow in the dark shooting room.
They also have a Party rooms for girls with castles and princes theme
and A nice dining hall call The Cave with delicious meals
We actually get a free lunch and I really enjoy the Mushroom soup and salad.
Juices are served continually during our stay.
There are fashion show and some other performances going on
But I didn’t really enjoy because there are too many people on the way
We stay till 3 pm, but of course the kids are reluctant to leave
On the way out we stop to have our picture taken
They prepared Funny Glasses, hair piece and wigs for people to wear
We had so much fun except for one thing
my camera’s battery went off after I took few pictures
so I don’t have much proved but this….

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