o no, not again….

I was @ Bintaro Mall spent time with friends when my daughter called
She said Edgar fall from the bike, bleeding, tooth fall and hurt
O no…not again! this was not the first, he got 2 big accidents before
I told jasmine to call my husband because my position was quite far
Couple minutes later I SMS my husband and said he’s very close to home.
Fell a bit better but yet worried how bad the accident and Edgar was.
on my way we keep SMSing, Yudi said they are at the hospital waiting to get X-ray,
then minutes later the result, Edgar got broken bones on his shoulder
When I got there my heart sink and my stomach hurt looking at his condition
From UGD they moved him to the room, it’s third class with 4 beds
Lucky only 1 occupied, so we can have more space, not too crowded.
My husband even sleep on the other bed when stay over to watch Edgar.
The right part of Edgar’s face is puffy from couple wound there
But the worse part was when the doctor said his shoulder need surgery
Because the broken bone is slightly moved from it’s position
We asked for time to think for I wasn’t sure of this doctor, we never heard of him
And this is not the best hospital, we usually come here for emergency only.
I expected my husband to BBM or SMS some friends and doctors he knew
to get advices and second opinion while I tried to find out this dr on the internet
The next day I contact my friend who just got the same case like this
His son who’s my daughter classmate felt from the second floor of their new home
and hospitalized as well, she gave me some info and figure, so helpful.
But I really feel like God is taking care of us to make this big decision
The surgery take place Saturday afternoon, Edgar hesitated, I know he’s scared
but we encouraged him, the visitors that morning shared their experiences,
their misfortune in the past, that was helped Edgar to see that he’s not alone.
The surgery went for 2 hours, I took time to go home to take care of somethings
and come back just before the doctor came out. He told us the surgery went well
then some recovery plan for the future, It’s all good but one thing that worries me,
how to keep this super active boy to calm and not use his right hand
Today Edgar is doing well in terms of eat and drink, temperature, but hardly moved.
I pray that everything is going well. I know God will help us in every steps.

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