d i v o r c e ? ? ?

Just divorced.I was shocked to hear so many celebs got divorced nowadays.
Some just married for just a couple years, I can still remember the big and beautiful wedding party from the new.
But there some whose been married for more than 20 years, Who has adult kids and even grandchildren, whom we thought are more stable and strong for they’ve been through a lot together.
For some this is not the first divorce, they got a second or third chance and yet can’t keep it last.
Are they not learn from their previous one or is just getting easier? No matter how long they have been married, is just too bad.
Most people said they don’t love each other anymore, some others said there are third person but some refused to reveal the reason.
I’ve been married for 12 years and I must admit is not an easy business, there are times of happiness but many times of difficulties as well.
Sometimes I look at my husband and felt so proud of him, feel so bless to be married to this patient and mature man, but there are plenty of times when I felt like I married the wrong guy, and wonder why did I fall in love to him at the first place.
I am lucky to have a great example, my own parents, who has keep their marriage for 46 years, just a bit older than my age.
I know my father was involve with other women in the past, and how my mother can be so rude toward him at times.
But they stay together despite of their mistakes and weaknesses.
I believe married is a relationship that needs to be work on everyday, we must not give up and always fight for this relationship, for US.
I am so glad that my husband and I based our marriage on the Word of God.
Although we both have our egos but we are submit to God’s authority, God is the one who create the marriage institution, so He knew best.
Then we have a community that help us respect this intimate relationship.
We got marriage classes that help us to not only survive but to enjoy it.
We are encouraged to have dates, celebrate our special moments, write cards to each other, daily communication through SMS, phone calls, pillow talk, open about our struggles and pray together. Simple things but works indeed.
Yes we all begin with Love but then we must guard our married with commitment till the end.
I don’t want to judge other people for their failure coz I wasn’t in their shoes,
But I really hope we all learn to keep what we have promised when we said


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