moms who waiting at school…

I’ve change my mind. I admit I have wrong.
I used to think they’re just gossiping
which is true, because I heard some does.
Or some of them use the opportunity to sell stuff
such as houseware, cosmetics, or clothes,
I saw this at my nephew kindergarten.
But as I wait for my son and daughter at school
I saw these moms actually do something great.
Last Friday they gathered and do crochet
crochet bag
they learn how to make a bag or something,
each of them took out their work from the bag,
and they teach each other some new tricks.
Before that I also saw them did some craft
Aa a matter of fact it’s their kids works
but they learned first so they can teach the kids.
As they work, they share about their problems
and other mom will give input or perspective.
I sit there, read my book or play mobile game
but I thought I should get to know them,
and learn some positive things from them…


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