my 13 anniversary…

my stay late before the day to search in the internet is pay off
after the kids went to school, my husband took me to Sentul
We’re heading to this Hotspring call Giri
The road going there is not really good but I always like some adventures.
We passed Pine Forest that remind me of The movie Twilight
we stopped to check a nice camping ground, for future event
and there are rice fields and a nice river too.
After check in at the resort, we are excort to an open room
There is a gazebo and a pool of hot water in there
First we took several minutes to get relax in the water
Then a woman came to give me a full body massage
the smell of the massage oil and the pressure in my body
combined with the voice of running water make me feel so good.
After that i went back to the water before took shower and change.
Then my husband took me to Ah Poong, a nice food place by the water
we had drink and sat there for awhile before heading home.
Thank you Yudi for a wonderful day and adventurous 13 years with you.

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