my life updates…

I’ve been working 3 days a week. Setting up a friend library. the place is quite far and i took trans Jakarta but often I didn’t get to sit because the bus is too crowded. I got tired easily but I couldn’t drink tea, my fave drink because I am fasting tea for forty days.

My daughter Jasmine is in grade 7 now. She moved to a new school, make new friends and learned new things. I’ve been train her for domestic tasks such as ironing, cooking and wash dishes. She’s been a great help to me during her vacation.

Yudi is doing well at work. He’s always busy with events and other things. Recently he’s interesting in Talk Fusion, I was a bit worry it will take much of his time from our family, but He’s always make time to help me at home and with the kids.

Edgar, my son, is doing well after his surgery. I still worry to let him ride bicycle. But nobody can tell a boy to stay calm and quiet. Recently he asked for a bunny, but i can’t handle any more pets at home. Edgar wished he got new classmate since KB one of his friend move out.

what I missed are: reading time at rimba baca on Saturday, cooking every day for my family, morning walk with my husband, and WRITE on THIS BLOG more often….


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