happy birthday jasmine…

July, 24 is my daughter birthday.

my dream for her party was:
invite some of her best friend from church and her cousins
having an afternoon party out in our frontyard
Decorate with colorfull strings and baloons, hang things on the trees
set up a table with plenty of food and drinks
pizza, french fries, drumstick, soda, juices, candy and ice cream
kids can sit on the small chairs talking to each other
I will make some games for them, 20 questions, serenade, etc
they will have so much fun

But the reality are:
her birthday is not on the weekend
financially we coudn’t afford the party
so we took her to the mall
she chose to see “Despicable Me 2”
we have small dinner before that
then I buy us a book so we can communicate our feelings

Even though my dream (and I have told her that) to celebrate Jasmine birthday was so different from the reality, but thank God my daughter has a big heart to understand our situation and be happy with what has happen.

I love you Jasmine
Happy Birthday!!!!

Note: Precious thing Jasmine asked me on the phone “Mom can I wear make up on my Birthday?”
Funny Thing Edgar asked when the film started “this is not Pirated Movie right Mom?”

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