Recently I just turned 19 as a Christian…

I was born in a Christian family, I got baptized when I was a baby. I went to Sunday School then I got my confirmation when I was 17, basically I go to church all of my life. I was also actively participate in some activities such as Choir and retreats. Not only that at home my family have a devotional every morning. so before we go to school we will gather to pray and read bible. Each of us take turn to lead. I think it’s a great habbit but when I was a teenager I found myself got bored with the religion. I called myself Christian but I don’t live it at all.

In 1994 I went to USA, thinking that now I am faraway from my family I want to be free, I want to do whatever I want. Funny because when my brother invited me to his church I come just because I had a guilty feeling If I don’t go to church at all. The service went just like any other church I went, I don’t really understand the message because my English wasn’t so good that time, but afterward we had lunch with some campus students. Then they invited me for personal Bible Study, and eventhough I don’t really interest, being asian, I don’t refused it.

I started my Bible Study the same week, and got convicted when I study about The Word. I’ve read Bible for 20 something years but never really Let the Bible Guide my life. I will read the Bible in the morning and doing other things in the afternoon. I never obey it and submit to it’s authority as God’s Own Word. Eventhough it’s not easy because I got challenge in each studies but at the end of the month I make a decision to become a disciple of Christ. So I got Baptized on July, 31, 1994.

I remember one bus ride and thinking how much God loves me but I was so busy with my own agenda and never really have a relationship with Him. I remember called my parents to let them know that I will be baptized, they don’t agree but I have made up my mind. I remember that morning my heart pounded heavily as I pray before the Sunday Service. I remember when my brother Joe lead me to the water and deep me in the church in front of the whole congregation. I remember felling so free and happy as I go out of the water. I never regret that decision for a second even as life get tough and tough later on.

So as I celebrate my Spiritual Birthday this year, I thank God for 19 spiritual things in my life:
1. His amazing love through His son Jesus died for me on the cross
2. The Forgiveness of my sins now and then
3. The salvation through faith
4. A deep and intimate relationship with Him
5. The Bible and the truth in it
6. The ability to choose not to sin instead of being slave by sins
7. The continuing process of character changing
8. The Church and His Kingdom on earth
9. My faithfull brothers and sisters and their life stories
10 The chances to be in people’s life and see how God work through them
11. All the problems He allowed to happen in my life to shaped me
12. All the Knowledge, Skills and abilities that added to me through out the years
13. The Psalm and songs that helps me better connect with Him
14. Open about my sins and weaknesess without afraid of being judge by others
15. The ability to get out of my comfort zone and business of life to serve Him
16. Realize that invest my time and effort in relationship in much more rewarding
17. The supportive and healthy community that helps me in my married and parenting.
18. The conviction that only through Jesus I can have a way and a relationship with Him
19. the hope for a better future even though I don’t know what will happen tomorrow.

I wish to keep on growing to be a woman God intented me to be…

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