bye Regina…

I met this lady for the first time when she came to our retreat at Tapos
She brought her 8 years old daughter Rachel and baby Grace,
later I know she still have an older daughter and a son at home.
She’s a friend of Shella because Rachel and Celine went school together.
Even though she’s new to us but she’s blend with the group so easily,
she joint most of the games and activities while taking care of her baby.
After that I got to know her personally when she’s study the Bible
She’s eager to learn and she’s open about her struggles
someone took her husband money and left their family in trouble
at first she hated that person so much, but now she can forgive him
Regina is great in cooking and she love to served
She came to my house and we cooked together before we continue study.
One thing I admire about her how she manage to take care of 4 kids by herself
because mostly her husband is working out of town and hardly home.
When her father-in-law passed away we went to service to pay respect
The Bible Study kind of stuck because of many things going on in our lives.
Recently Regina decided to move to Surabaya, her husband got a good job there.
I fell guilty because lately we haven’t continue the study
I also sad because I won’t see her and her beautiful children anymore.
Hopefully she will have a better life there and continue the study with other disciples.
Bye Regina, you’ll be missedDSCN1567


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