ketupat is one of traditional food from Indonesia.
It made from rice, cooked in a plaited coconut leaves.
It usually cooked during Lebaran Day (moslem celebration)
but through out the year available in some restaurant.
Last year I try to cooked some and it went well
This morning my husband and I went to the market
it was so crowded because the moslem getting ready for their big day.
There are so many people selling the Ketupat Leaves
I went to one and buy 20 pieces, then went to another and buy 10.
I will cook them on friday night because I am inviting friends to come over
I don’t celebrate the Id, just want to enjoy the atmosphere,
and practice my cooking skill.
Ketupat goes well with opor ayam and sambel goreng hati.
I planned on making those if I can find the material on the market.
Happy Idul Fitri to those who celebrate it… Wish you a great time with your family…


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