south married on duty….

The highlight of my October is our service in the church as Ushers. Supposedly it happen on September but for a reason we were moved to October. Donny the coordinator work hard to arrange “who stay where” and this wasn’t an easy task, because I was doing it before. Thank God everything went well despite some minor problems such as people got sick or late because of the street blocking for the Marathon.

First Week: I am too busy to take any picture. The Communion lead by our Brother Arther, we all wear Black and White. I got posted on the balcony together with my husband (sometimes he can’t because he is one of the Praise and Worship leader)

Second week: In the pantry with my Bintaro 1 Group… Pretty in batik


Third week: in Black and White with my Pamulang Group. It’s Lina’s birthday….


Fourth week: Our Ushering Coordinator Donny Rizky…. gave us direction…


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