Rihanna on the roof….

this cat has been with us for a year or so…. she’s getting big now.

I never allowed her to enter the house but she managed to get in sometimes.

When she did that, my dogs Niyomee and Beyonce will go crazy….

One time I didn’t see her in my front yard for 2 days, I got worry…

Because usually when I called her for food she always come right away…

Finally I figure out, she’s on the roof and she couldn’t get down.


On saturday morning my husband and son went up to the roof and rescue her…


Seems like she didn’t repent, I don’t know what she’s looking for up there

and how she manage to eat and drink for 2 days, but she went up again

My son and I try to get her but she grap whatever she can with her claws

DSCN9005I was afraid to get hurt so I just release her, and she stay there longer.

The next morning I open the door and there she goes, waiting to be feed.

Maybe Rihanna has found her courage to jump or find a way to get down

I don’t know but that’s the story about the cat on the roof.

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