September birthdays….


September, 9 is the Birthday of our Pastor Reby Walandouw. We planned a surprise party for him by come to his house early in the morning. It happen that my husband not felling well, we’re getting into argument and on the way to his house we got flat tire, so we arrived late. Everybody already there laughing, had breakfast and we join the sharing part. Image

My son Edgar’s Birthday, September 12. We invite my family to have dinner at my brother”s Joe new street foot restaurant “Meja 77”. His wife Ahlyn prepared chicken and fish BBQ for us. The food was ok, is just something wrong with the light, so we ate in candle light.Image

My Mom Birthday, September 22. We had dinner at her place. Again we order the same food from my brother. Its always a wonderful moment to be able to make our parents happy because they have done so many things for us and we can’t thank them enough. Too bad my brother David and his family couldn’t make it, and my Brother Pierre is so far away in Africa. Image


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