the beginning of a big business comes from a small one….

After quit from their Jobs, my brother Joe (was a property agent) and His wife Rosalyn (was a teacher in an international school) try to open their own business. Since Ahlyn is good in cooking, they want to focus on food business. They tried to sell food on bazaar while Joe open his own Property Agent called Hope Property.Image

Like I mention before, recently they opened a street food restaurant called Meja 77. They open in the evening from 6 to midnight at Cinere, the area where they lived. There are several dishes on the menu but the signature one is Chicken BBQ.Image

On the opening my sisters and I took our kids there and have dinner. I just order for the kids because I didn’t plan to eat. But my niece Cassie didn’t finish hers so I started to eat the left over. I totally forgot that I was in the middle of my beef fasting….but the Chicken was really yummy…

The business didn’t go well. There are days when they only have 1 or 2 costumers, because the place is so quiet in the evening. Even though there are some people order for events like what we did on Edgar’s and Mom Birthday, but  i guess is not enough for them to survive..

So my sister-in-law and her partner Merry changed plan, Now they are selling Chicken porridge in the morning. The market management offered them a better place and now they’re doing a lot better. Last saturday we went there for breakfast, happy to see the place was fulled of people.Image

Don’t give up Joe and Ahlyn….I really pray and hope this business will make it and succeed… 


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