last saturday….

last saturday we had a game. I call it “being independence” game where I write all the chores in a piece of paper and my kids will do them. Off course we talked about it with them before hand, and they are ok with it. So in the morning my husband went to the office because he has some things to take care, and i went to my mom’s house. But I make sure the kids are wake up and know that i am leaving and they can start.

I had a good time talk to mom, it’s been awhile since we sat down just the two of us. Then I remember to call the kids to make sure that the phone I left can make a call out. Basically we allow the kids to make 3 phone calls just in case they need to ask about something. The phone is working and so are they.

After that I help my brother Joe, who live upstairs of my mom’s house, to clean their rooms. They’ve been so busy with work that their home is kind of messy. My sister Rannu came and we help out each other. Meanwhile I imagine my kids having breakfast, do the laundry, feed the dog, bath the dog, doing the dishes, fold the dry clothes, hang the wet ones, etc.

I left mom’s place at 10.30, got caught in the traffic for awhile, then arrived at the meeting place at 11.30. Nobody there. I have waiting for 20 minutes before my husband show up. I was a bit upset because he was really late. Then I was worry about the kids. I already write the specific direction, how to get to that place. I asked my husband to call, but he said just wait they can call if they need to ask something. 

Thank God my kids called, They said they are on their way. We wait for another 15 minutes before they arrived and we had lunch together. We talked about how they do the work, they split responsibilities, Edgar said something about Jasmine forgot to put the detergent in the washing machine, and Jasmine said Edgar didn’t want to cooperate to do something. It’s so happy to see the kids can actually be independent when we’re not home.

But as for me, I need to stop worrying, because when that happen, I didn’t enjoy the game and started to get attitude toward my husband.


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