thank God it’s my birthday

I was in the hurry to the F2 floor, for I have an appointment with Vero 

She BBM me 2 days ago and asked if we can get together before Church.

She said It’s nothing major, she just want to chat with me about something.

I tempted to think, maybe the Pamulang Girls want to give me a surprise party

But I thought, they are too busy because of the volunteer at Sunday School.

As I step out the Lift, the Happy Birthday Song sang by a group of people

It took me couple second to register, it was sang by the south sisters.

I was so overjoy when they approached me with a little cake and big sunflower.

From some experience, I have told myself that I don’t want a big birthday cake

I felt it just wasting money and not healthy for my age. I like flower better….

They finished the song, asked my wishes, honestly I haven’t really think about it

But I came out with 3 thing: patience, healthy life and become an impact.

Then so many hugs come around… I feel so happy and can’t stop smile…..

The rest of the day filled with friends and family birthday wishes 

.Thank you God for a beautiful day, You make me feel so loved,

and thank to all of the people who make today feel so special for me…..

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