back to december….

Jasmine and I have so many differences, Sometimes I think how can this child who came out of my womb can be so different from me. We argue almost everyday and about many things, big and small. I can’t stand her messy table and she always complain about me talking too loud. But thank God we have one thing in common, we both like music and sing. I love it when we sang in the back of the motorcycle on the way to church or going somewhere. Sometimes we sang so loud that people who drive nearby will looking at us. It’s not easy to keep up with her songs, because one day she sang one song, and when I just about get use to it, she already change to another song…. She loved Taylor Swift and I also play the songs while doing my work at the office, suddenly we got into the same song “back to december”. She listen to it while she study for her exam. This is truly a beautiful moment for us liking the same thing at the same time, so to celebrate this moment I put it here in my blog.


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