another santa’s story…

Since November my son Edgar already busy asking when will Santa came by, because he wonder if Santa will give him Samsung S4 mini, but my husband (thanks Yudi) told him that Santa don’t give gadget. In the other hand Jasmine said she won’t ask for anything, she just hope Santa will pray for her so she will get good grades for her exams.

That night, I told them to write letters to Santa, and prepared the grass in a shoes and a glass of water. I have bought a pair of shoes for Jasmine, it’s a nice checker flat I found couple days earlier. Edgar has so many things in mind, from basket’s ring, jacket, to pencil case. So I asked my husband to go to the mall that night to find the pencil case.

Lucky that a gathering that supposed to held in our house was canceled, so my husband and I took times to shop, we even stop by at bookshelf, it’s a bookstore but it has cafe and movie on the second floor. Nice place for dating.

When we get home the kids already fall of sleep in front of TV. We told them to move to their rooms, And I saw they have prepared their things under the Christmas tree. I started to wrap the present and write them back. I use uppercase letter since last year my daughter has suspicious about the Santa’s handwriting looks like mine. when I was done, put everything near their shoes and go to sleep.

In the morning I heard the hustle bustle of my kids checking out their present, I purposely stay in bed and waiting…suddenly Edgar came in and told us that he got pencil case from Santa. Jasmine followed, she show me the flats.  They gave me the letter from Santa, and I read them, i can tell Jasmine is suspicious but she said nothing.

It was a good morning i am glad it was successful.








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