my christmas tree decoration….

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Since I got sick, I haven’t got the time to put down my christmas tree decoration.
But I really enjoy having them around. It brought the joy of christmas longer to my family.


what my sickness brought to me?

First it brought me the virus…

After several blood test, the doctor told me I got Dengue Fever. It came from the Mosquito bite, most likely at home. I always hope I will never catch this bug, but i guess i am not that imun. Many Indonesian have it. They said there is no specific medication, they just treat the symptomp such as terrible headache and fever. what we can do is to drink alot and rest, but It can cause death if it late to be treated.


as i was brought to the hospital and get a 3rd class room all I can think of were: this hospital need lots of maintenance. Nothing seems right with the bathroom, the shape, the unfunction tools,  the blood or other stain in the curtains or bed sheet, the other patients habit and even the doctor who show up 24 hours after I hospitalized. I was thinking of writing a full page of things this hospital need to fix or upgrade.


I am not a very good in terms of drink water. I can go about my days drinking just 5-6 glass of water a day, that already including tea in the morning and afternoon. So when I was told to drink lots of fluids I feel so struggled. My husband bought me bottles of Aqua and some friends brought juices and I fight to consume them all so my thrombosite (blood cells) will go up fast. I am glad after 5 days in the hospital finally my body started to get better.

Friends and Family….

Mom and dad came everyday. My brother Pierre and his family visit before they left for Africa. My brother Joe and family came twice, they were worry to hear my thrombosite goes down. My sister Rannu and Christie too. Only my brother David didn’t make it because he was out of town for his Ping-pong tournament. Really appreciate my cousin Liz came all the way from Bekasi and Diana from Cibubur to visit. Friends from Church who came; Rebi and Cynthia (our pastor). Lily a friend who live near by came twice. Arther, Shella, Murni, Vero, Eddy, Susan (Pamulang). Ultor, Yose, Kris Salon, Witi and Kris, Alex, Desi (Bintaro). Poer and Narto our old friends from Depok. Iswan and Iin a couple we are studying the Bible with. Other than that many friends from in and out of town give their support through BB messages, SMS and facebook. Especially thanks to Lisda (Bogor) Cink2 (West Jakarta) who guided me with the treatment


After 2 days stay in the hospital, my daughter joined me. She got the same sympthon too. I have moved to the 2nd class room so we can stay together. When I just started sick at home, I was angry to her because I was hoping she help with some house work, instead she read book in her room. But later on after I listen to her explaination, she told her father how her brother make some mess and she’s the one who clean after, I understand what she trying to say. And when she got fever I become patience toward her, but still not easy to remind her to drink often and too not watch too much TV at the hospital. Glad we got time to pray and read our Bible together.


lastly, this sickness brought the book Ephesians closer to me. I learn from Paul how important to pray for the people to get a better understanding about God Himself, because that’s what make people stay strong and do great things for Him. Another thing I learn is How the body of Christ made of different kind of people, but it can grow to a beautiful community as they learn to love one another and do their part. 

another santa’s story…

Since November my son Edgar already busy asking when will Santa came by, because he wonder if Santa will give him Samsung S4 mini, but my husband (thanks Yudi) told him that Santa don’t give gadget. In the other hand Jasmine said she won’t ask for anything, she just hope Santa will pray for her so she will get good grades for her exams.

That night, I told them to write letters to Santa, and prepared the grass in a shoes and a glass of water. I have bought a pair of shoes for Jasmine, it’s a nice checker flat I found couple days earlier. Edgar has so many things in mind, from basket’s ring, jacket, to pencil case. So I asked my husband to go to the mall that night to find the pencil case.

Lucky that a gathering that supposed to held in our house was canceled, so my husband and I took times to shop, we even stop by at bookshelf, it’s a bookstore but it has cafe and movie on the second floor. Nice place for dating.

When we get home the kids already fall of sleep in front of TV. We told them to move to their rooms, And I saw they have prepared their things under the Christmas tree. I started to wrap the present and write them back. I use uppercase letter since last year my daughter has suspicious about the Santa’s handwriting looks like mine. when I was done, put everything near their shoes and go to sleep.

In the morning I heard the hustle bustle of my kids checking out their present, I purposely stay in bed and waiting…suddenly Edgar came in and told us that he got pencil case from Santa. Jasmine followed, she show me the flats.  They gave me the letter from Santa, and I read them, i can tell Jasmine is suspicious but she said nothing.

It was a good morning i am glad it was successful.







7 things I hate about bus ride….


Since we have Trans Jakarta, the bus ride become an enjoyment for many people. The bus is nice with air con, and since it has its own way, it help us from some traffic. Most of the times i enjoy bus ride, even when i didn’t get a seat. But i hate it when….

1. I forgot to bring any book for reading

2. I don’t bring any book, get a seat  but don’t feel sleepy

3. all the condition in number 2 plus my mobile is off.

4. I am standing and the bus get into bad traffic
5. people being selfish and won’t let older or pregnant women sit.

6. the bus is overcrowded and someone fart

7. I waited too long but the opposite direction has bus every 5 minutes.

back to december….

Jasmine and I have so many differences, Sometimes I think how can this child who came out of my womb can be so different from me. We argue almost everyday and about many things, big and small. I can’t stand her messy table and she always complain about me talking too loud. But thank God we have one thing in common, we both like music and sing. I love it when we sang in the back of the motorcycle on the way to church or going somewhere. Sometimes we sang so loud that people who drive nearby will looking at us. It’s not easy to keep up with her songs, because one day she sang one song, and when I just about get use to it, she already change to another song…. She loved Taylor Swift and I also play the songs while doing my work at the office, suddenly we got into the same song “back to december”. She listen to it while she study for her exam. This is truly a beautiful moment for us liking the same thing at the same time, so to celebrate this moment I put it here in my blog.

thank God it’s my birthday

I was in the hurry to the F2 floor, for I have an appointment with Vero 

She BBM me 2 days ago and asked if we can get together before Church.

She said It’s nothing major, she just want to chat with me about something.

I tempted to think, maybe the Pamulang Girls want to give me a surprise party

But I thought, they are too busy because of the volunteer at Sunday School.

As I step out the Lift, the Happy Birthday Song sang by a group of people

It took me couple second to register, it was sang by the south sisters.

I was so overjoy when they approached me with a little cake and big sunflower.

From some experience, I have told myself that I don’t want a big birthday cake

I felt it just wasting money and not healthy for my age. I like flower better….

They finished the song, asked my wishes, honestly I haven’t really think about it

But I came out with 3 thing: patience, healthy life and become an impact.

Then so many hugs come around… I feel so happy and can’t stop smile…..

The rest of the day filled with friends and family birthday wishes 

.Thank you God for a beautiful day, You make me feel so loved,

and thank to all of the people who make today feel so special for me…..

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Tuesdays with Morrie


Finally I read this book. It’s been awhile since I work at Lentera, I’ve been wanting to read it. It only took 3 or 4 Bus ride for me to finish it, because is not too thick and too difficult to digest it. I even read it twice just to get a better understanding.

things that I learn about this book:

1. It was written while OJ Simpson was on trial, and funny because that year I was happen to be in Boston area. I could imagine while I was walking in Harvard Square or attended ESL Class at Milton, the writer is somewhere nearby typing the story.

2. I like the idea of having “Living Funeral” where Morrie had his friends over and share about him while he was sick. Because he realized it was no use to say all the good thing about someone after they are died. The person must get a change to hear it.

3. The way Morrie let people involved in the last part of his life was so amazing. he didn’t let himself to be grumpy and self pity about his sickness, but take the time to share with family and friends. I really hope I will never be in that situation but If I must, I want to learned to be like Morrie.

4. Then I got to think If I am Mitch who is Morrie in my life? I never really have older friend who teach me or guide me like that. But I can make time to listen to an older people in their dying bed and wanting to share their life, story, and conviction

5. Like Morrie who regret he didn’t get a chance to forgive his friend and Mitch who try hard to have a relationship with his brother in Europe, Is there anybody I need to forgive or reconcile? I remember my husband Yudi went to Surabaya and spend time with his father before he died, but I didn’t get a change to spoke to him and say sorry for my misbehave while we’re together.

6. Morrie didn’t have an extravagant Bucket list. When Mitch asked him what will he do if he got one fine day. his answered mostly to spend time with his close friends and family and enjoy the day. He didn’t even want to go back in time and be young again, because he’s been there and he like the person he turn out to be. 

7.I guess this book purpose to make someone not afraid but to enjoy his/her life even as he knew the end is approaching very soon.