beauty is….?

Last week I found myself standing in the woman’s care shelf in a supermarket for half an hour. I was looking for the right night cream for me. There are so many promotion on TV, but I am not sure which one is the right one for me. There is one called Flawless White, looks great but I am not looking to be white. It will be odd to have white face and brown hands and legs. There is another one called Age Miracle. There were 2 women in their 30’s, one use the cream and one don’t. By the time they are 40, the skin of the lady who use it is brighter and she seems to be happier with the husband rather than the one who didn’t use. Another one is Radiance Gold, they said it made of real gold and bring back your youth. This one maybe suit for me. I don’t want to be influence by advertisements but naturally in my age things are degrading, and we, as women need some help.

I have a combination skin, dry on the side, but oily in the T area (forehead and nose). I have no acne problem like some people, but my skin is far from perfect. I have problems with wrinkles, lump of fat and dark shadow under my eyes. Entering 45 years old, I feel like I need some cream to help rejuvenate my skin. I end up buying skin’s vitamin that come in a pack of 7 capsules and can be use for a week. As I went home I clean up my face and use it. It feels good when I apply it, but I still need to see the result in couple weeks.

When I was teenager, I like to take care of my skin and hair. I will use the natural things, such as applied tomato juice on my face, cucumber for my eyes, Aloe Vera for my hair. And I did it once a week consistently. For a long time I felt like I look younger than my age, and that’s what people told me. But Now I feel like I need to be serious to take care of my body and skin. I see some women older than me but their skin are so soft but tight. Just last night I saw a TV show of a 72 years old lady and still look like she’s 40.

I believe beauty come from the inside, it’s about how we think of ourselves. I am beautiful because I think I am and God sees me that way. Along with that I need to eat healthy food, and take care of the outside.



i used to think the plant is beautiful when the flowers are plenty .

for without flowers the plant looks pale and plain,

but as i look through the lense of my camera carefully,

leaves and  branches are quite nice and fine.

nature is still special…even when is not  flowery.

(from my nature collection)

Photograph with Sony DSC H-7