happy birthday edgar…

My son celebrated his birthday last Monday. He’s so excited about it since a week before. In the morning we all doing regular activities, My husband and I went to work, and the kids was going to school. In the afternoon, when I got home he told me what happen in his class. After morning prayer his home room teacher suddenly announced that it’s his birthday that day. Edgar was surprise and blushing, but deep down in his heart he feel so happy.

I let him play outside with his friends for a while. He like to bike, and he’s always exchange or sharing his bike with his friends. When his sister came home, we ate lunch together. Edgar mention that he wanted to invite some of his classmate for his birthday dinner, especially Kezia Bintang his favorite girl in class. I try to explain that we can’t just invite people like that, they might have something else to do, especially in the school nights.

That night just like the way he want, we went to Pizza Hut for dinner. We invited oma and opa to join us. We order 1 big pizza, pasta, soup, salad, chicken wings and hot drinks. Edgar enjoy his food as well as played around the table with his cousin Benito. I asked my husband to take some pictures of us with the mobile phone, he was so funny making faces.

After dinner we stop by at the hospital, which is just a block away, because My sister’s son Prince, whom Edgar’s best friend must be hospitalized. Edgar said he also want to stay in the hospital, I told him that it’s not fun to be sick. I remind him the time when he fall from the roof and stay couple nights in the hospital. We wait for a while then go home after we pray for Prince.

Edgar really want a new bike for his birthday. We went to some stores and check the price for used and new bike. But he end up agree with my husband suggestion to fix and repainting his old one. It cost less too, only he insist to buy Animal Kaiser, a card game for boys, So I took him to the mall the next day to buy one.

Can’t believe my son is 8 now. I wish him to become a strong but gentle man and a smart but humble one. Happy birthday my dear…


one of my dream is bike to work. not because i want to follow the trend that is started to bloom recently in Jakarta, but I really want this for a long time.

I remember the first bike i received when I was in grade 3. My father bought it after i went through tonsil removal surgery. I am so happy with the bike, because I’ve been learning to bike with other people’s bike (an adult one). Once I “borrowed” someone’s bike without telling him and ride it to the big street. I got hit by “becak” (a kind of rickshaw) and almost pass out but still have to apologize cause the bike is a bit crooked). I remember decorate my bike and be part of a parade on an Independence Day celebration. When I was in highschool, one time during a vacation, my cousin and I ride our bike to the country side. We brought just enough money to buy food on our way, but we ride quite a long distance and i never forget that adventure.

Actually I got the idea 5 years ago, a colleague of mine tell me how she’s been bike to work. She would leave early in the morning with sporty outfit, then when she got to the office, she will take shower and change to work clothes. I am so amazed by her, now a days more and more people doing it, but for me is still a dream. I have told my husband and ask him to buy me a nice bike, but bike price is not cheap, so I have to be patient. Meanwhile I have to practice because this is not going to be easy at first, the distance from my house my work is 20 km. It’s about 30 minutes by motorcycle.

I believe that bike to work, will help solving some of the traffic jam problems in Jakarta. There are too many cars already, and too many pollution, why don’t we reduce the car using and start to bike more?, Just this morning my friend told me that the government suggest students and teachers to bike to school, if the live near by, don’t have to always drive car. I totally agree with that. On my way to work I have seen some students did that. But I think the government have to facilitate this, so parents won’t be worry about their kids safety on the streets.

I remember when visiting my family in Holland. That country is amazing because they have a special line for bikers, inside a city or town, people prefer to bike rather than drive. The town is clean, no pollution, the street is saved. When can we be like that?