thank God it’s my birthday

I was in the hurry to the F2 floor, for I have an appointment with Vero 

She BBM me 2 days ago and asked if we can get together before Church.

She said It’s nothing major, she just want to chat with me about something.

I tempted to think, maybe the Pamulang Girls want to give me a surprise party

But I thought, they are too busy because of the volunteer at Sunday School.

As I step out the Lift, the Happy Birthday Song sang by a group of people

It took me couple second to register, it was sang by the south sisters.

I was so overjoy when they approached me with a little cake and big sunflower.

From some experience, I have told myself that I don’t want a big birthday cake

I felt it just wasting money and not healthy for my age. I like flower better….

They finished the song, asked my wishes, honestly I haven’t really think about it

But I came out with 3 thing: patience, healthy life and become an impact.

Then so many hugs come around… I feel so happy and can’t stop smile…..

The rest of the day filled with friends and family birthday wishes 

.Thank you God for a beautiful day, You make me feel so loved,

and thank to all of the people who make today feel so special for me…..

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September birthdays….


September, 9 is the Birthday of our Pastor Reby Walandouw. We planned a surprise party for him by come to his house early in the morning. It happen that my husband not felling well, we’re getting into argument and on the way to his house we got flat tire, so we arrived late. Everybody already there laughing, had breakfast and we join the sharing part. Image

My son Edgar’s Birthday, September 12. We invite my family to have dinner at my brother”s Joe new street foot restaurant “Meja 77”. His wife Ahlyn prepared chicken and fish BBQ for us. The food was ok, is just something wrong with the light, so we ate in candle light.Image

My Mom Birthday, September 22. We had dinner at her place. Again we order the same food from my brother. Its always a wonderful moment to be able to make our parents happy because they have done so many things for us and we can’t thank them enough. Too bad my brother David and his family couldn’t make it, and my Brother Pierre is so far away in Africa. Image

happy birthday jasmine…

July, 24 is my daughter birthday.

my dream for her party was:
invite some of her best friend from church and her cousins
having an afternoon party out in our frontyard
Decorate with colorfull strings and baloons, hang things on the trees
set up a table with plenty of food and drinks
pizza, french fries, drumstick, soda, juices, candy and ice cream
kids can sit on the small chairs talking to each other
I will make some games for them, 20 questions, serenade, etc
they will have so much fun

But the reality are:
her birthday is not on the weekend
financially we coudn’t afford the party
so we took her to the mall
she chose to see “Despicable Me 2”
we have small dinner before that
then I buy us a book so we can communicate our feelings

Even though my dream (and I have told her that) to celebrate Jasmine birthday was so different from the reality, but thank God my daughter has a big heart to understand our situation and be happy with what has happen.

I love you Jasmine
Happy Birthday!!!!

Note: Precious thing Jasmine asked me on the phone “Mom can I wear make up on my Birthday?”
Funny Thing Edgar asked when the film started “this is not Pirated Movie right Mom?”

all you can eat sushi…

my birthday is over but the celebration continue
My husband took me to the movie to see Edward and Bella
afterward we went to sushi place not too far away
my husband has bought a voucher from the internet
It’s been awhile since I ate sushi, so I’m excited
the first plate looks gorgeous and tempting
in no time we gubbled 4 kinds of sushi, 26 rolls
Right away we order second plate, 2 other kinds 12 rolls
This time is a bit spices, still full of appetite
then we order the last one, debating whether 2 or 3 kinds
Lucky we decided 2 because when I saw them I am struggle
While eat the last plate I think I am going to get sick
We’re going very slow but thank God it’s finished
otherwise we’re going to get fine for the leftover
But it’s been a nice date with my husband so far
Thanks honey for this beautiful day…

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happy birthday to me…

Yesterday I hit number 46
I don’t really know what to expect
I start to see many spots on my neck
and some changes around my body
I have lost 3 of my tooth
and my eyesight not 20/20 anymore
but I love getting mature
I feel wiser than my teens year
I start to see things differently
Not just plain black and white
but with some deep perspective

Yesterday my husband work very hard
to make me feel happy and special
He and the kids prepare breakfast
with flowers and candlelight too
and I think they’re quite successful
He also let me have a “me time”
to the hair salon for a treatment
My daughter Jasmine come along
She get hair cut too.

In the afternoon my family came to gather
My brother stuck in the traffic for 2 hours
but I really appreciate they take time
to encourage me and show me love
My mom gave me a beautiful verse from Bible
and my sister-in-law bring a cake for me
It was rainy outside but my heart is warm

There are so many message on my Facebook
From early morning to midnight
Every minute there are always new comments
friends and family from near and far
all of them wish me a Happy Birthday
Thank You God for a wonderful day
Help me to be more beautiful everyday.

my 2012 birthday wish list….

I just realize my big day is a week away…
and I haven’t write anything I want yet.
Last year I though about it months away
And God did grant me some of my wishes
what do I really want this year?

1. wake up with a grateful heart for God kindness

2. having my kids prepared special breakfast for me

3. a nice movie with my husband will be a plus

4. sunflower on my dining table

5. a “me” time at the salon for couple hours

6. wanna eat Japanese or Korean food

7. muffin or cupcakes birthday cake

8. still want that “yellow bike” i dream since last year

9. a small afternoon party on my garden (if not rain)

10. just being with my family…

Happy 75th Birthday Mom

These are pictures from my mother surprise birthday party
She has no idea, because we didn’t even tell my dad about it.
It’s me, my sisters and our family, also some cousins
We show up at her house 7 in the morning singing “happy birthday”
she hasn’t even take shower, but she look nice in red blouse
My brother David couldn’t join us but he order a cake for mom
My brother Pierre in Kenya join us though Face Time
The kids singing and do some talent show for their oma
But Oma also got talent, she sang her own song from Bible verse.
While the kids keep her busy, we prepared breakfast for her.
Spagetti, garlic bread, BBQ chicken are among the menu
12 flower we bought for her, 7 reds and 5 light oranges
and some people shared what they feel and think about her
This is for you mom, can’t give you enough for what you have done
Wish you are happy on your 75 Birthday
we love you