december one…

In the morning before my husband go to work
he took out the Christmas ornaments from the boxes
We put them out in the sun for awhile before use them
Our Christmas tree made of plastic, that’s common in my country
It was given to us couple years from a family before they moved
This year I let my kids decorated the Christmas tree.
I just help by fix some here and there
These are the pictures of them in action…

_MG_5043the kids decorate our christmas tree

_MG_5049 Jasmine balancing herself on the arm chair try to put ornament on the highest point

_MG_5046 Edgar with curly tongue

_MG_5074 helping each other put the christmas light

_MG_5062 Jasmine proud of her work


Christmas in New York…

One upon a time I celebrate Christmas in New York City.

I came to stay with an Indonesian family.

The husband is a friend of my father.

I become closed to Mona, the wife’s sister

They lived in an apartment in Queens

and it’s a nice neighbourhood by no means

I helped them to set up the Christmas tree,

and put all the decorations I can see.

We went out everyday for sightseeing

we took the subway and do the shopping

though I didn’t get a chance to visit the statue of Liberty

but I went up to the Top of Empire Sky Building,

I called some friends in Providence

just to share some of my experience

I went to a church service near Central Park on Christmas evening

the singing was really something

I saw the big Christmas tree in front of Rockefeller Building

And looking at people enjoy the carriage ride or skating

The weather, the lights, the people and everything…

add a beautiful memories of Christmas to my living.

the color of Christmas…



green are…

g r a s s, t r e e s,

d e e p o c e a n, l e a v e s,

m o u n t a i n s, g r e e n  l i g h t,

t e a, p a r k,  s p i n a c h, c a t e r p i l l a r.

and red are…

h e a r t, f i r e, j u i c e,

 s t o p l i g h t, b l o o d, a p p l e s,

c h i l l y, r o s e s, l i p s t i c k, p o i n s e t t i a,




list of my favorite christmas things…

Cookies: Kastengel. This is made of cheese and since I was little I remember my mom made this every Christmas. Now we hardly made our own Christmas cookies, we can buy them at the store, but my sister Rannu still made them once a while.

Movie: Home Alone Series. I didn’t know since when but now every Christmas the telly stations play this movie. Just love the Christmas atmosphere at the same time the thrilled this boy faced the criminals.

Song: Have yourself a merry little Christmas. I know lots of Christmas song but this one I know by heart, is not too long and simple. I like to sing it with my husband and my kids as a Christmas wish for my family and friends

Christmas Card: Home made or Photos. There was time when I bought the Christmas card from store. But since I was Married I love to make my own card. I remember when Jasmine was a baby I made one with a baby picture, and wrote my first Christmas on the top. I also made fron dry leaves and other creation. but 3 years ago I started to make with my family picture. It’s so exciting to find a new design every year.

Books: Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. This is a famous book that made into a movie. I sw the movie before I read the book. But This Christmas I would really like to read the unabridged one. I bought a copy 2 Christmas ago.

Food: any kid of soup and bread. On Christmas morning I always served this for breakfast. I made soup and eat it hot with the bread. I would try this soup-o-soup, I don’t think it’s will be that hard to make.

Decoration: A real Christmas tree & Poinsettia. When I was little we always have a real Christmas tree at home. But now adays people use the artificial one, including my family. I remember when I was in the US we went to buy the real Christmas tree, and just the smell of it make me so happy. I also like Poinsettia, One time after Christmas at our Church, my husband brought back about 20 pots back home. It was from the Church decoration. It just made my Christmas. 

Drink: Eggnog. I never know there is a very delicious drink like this until I went to the US. OMG, I can drink a bottle of this. It’s so delicious. I wonder if they sell it in the supermarket here.

Christmas in SLI…

The Teachers:

Mr. Kusman is the Bahasa teacher doing MC for Middle School performance

Ms. Victoria & Ms. Diana our Grade 4 teachers are excited to lead the their class performance

Ms Silvana our LA teacher giving a solo performance of Medley Christmas Songs






The Students

Lizzy our talented grade 4 student in Santa’s hat

Jonathan grade 3 students in Green

Mia the beautiful grade 1 students in white

Nadine and Tamaska from grade 2 in red





The Christmas Tree

The third Winner : Grade 10

The second Winner: Grade 7

The Champion: Grade 8B

Christmas tree from Batik from grade 9





The Performance

Grade 1 with the song Joy to the World and Rudolp the Red Nose Reindeer

Grade 8 singing “ll I want for Christmas is You” and “Joyful Joyful”

Grade 4 with their “Jingle Bells Rock” performance




The Bazaar

Including food, Batiks, accessories, books, Christmas decoration, etc.




The Parents

So enthusiastic to take pictures of their kids performing

and bring food for the class party




All and all it was a merry celebration.

See you next year kids!

Santa Claus is coming to town…

You better watch out
You better not cry
Better not pout
I’m telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to town

He’s making a list,
And checking it twice;
Gonna find out Who’s naughty and nice.
Santa Claus is coming to town

He sees you when you’re sleeping
He knows when you’re awake
He knows if you’ve been bad or good
So be good for goodness sake!

O! You better watch out!
You better not cry.
Better not pout, I’m telling you why.
Santa Claus is coming to town.
Santa Claus is coming to town.

I was a lucky little girl because i got presents from Santa every year. In my family we have a tradition of Santa Claus like this: On the night of 4th or 5th December we, the kids, will put some grass inside one of our shoes and prepared a glass of water in the living room near the Christmas tree. Then late at night when we were sleep Santa will come and give us the present. In the morning when we woke up the grass is gone, so does the water, and there are gifts and notes for me and my brothers and sisters.

As a child I used to have lots of questions, How did Santa get in to our house? Since we didn’t have fire-place and chimney like the western house. How does he knew exactly what I like? There was one time we went to the shop and I beg my mom to buy me the red pencil-case, but she said she can’t for some reason, and the next morning I found it on the top of my shoes as Santa’s present. What time did he showed up? Because one night I tried to wait for him, I was a bit scared if he’s going to be mad because I was awake, but then I totally missed him because I end up fall of sleep. How come I never hear the horses shoes noise? when I was little I was told it’s horses, not reindeers. I know it make a loud noise, but how can I never hear them?

Now the secret is (hush…..don’t tell anybody ok!) Santa is….. the child own parents. I found out about this when I was in Grade 6 not because I caught them but because a friend at school told me. And everything started to make sense, my questions was answered, but at the same time I feel bad because I still wanted to enjoy this tradition. So my mom told me not to tell my younger siblings and for that she gave me a bar of chocolate. This is going on for few more years before every bodies know the secret.

Now I am doing the same thing with my kids. And although they didn’t quite believe that Santa is real (my daughter is 9 and my son is 7) but when they got the present they longing for, I just love to see their eyes glowing. My daughter said that Rudolf drink all the water from her glass, only 2 drops left. And my son woke up my husband and said “How come Santa knows I really want this pencil case, I didn’t write him a letter?”. Right there I see my self about 40 years ago when I received my presents from Santa. I remember one Sunday I went to the church after Santa’s day and told my friends about it, and told them to put grass on their shoes and a glass of water so they can get presents too. But later I realized if their parents didn’t know or practice this tradition they won’t get anything. So sad!

Maybe I am too sentimental and watching too many western movies, but I like this tradition, it’s the spirit of Christmas and it’s the time to give. I think every child want a special gift and they like to believe there is someone kind like Santa who will give it to them.

Season Greetings Everybody!

i miss christmas already…


Christmas is my favorite celebration, I like it even better than my own birthday. There is a certain feeling about christmas that can’t be replace by any other event in the world. When I was a child I associated christmas with the present from Santa Clause, christmas tree decoration, the smell of new painting in the house, and the smell of the cookies that my mom baked, also the rain that often visit us that season. The combination of those things somehow create a good feeling inside of me.

But yet the imagination of perfect christmas is like what I saw in the magazine or movie: with the snow. My dream came true when I was study in Rhode Island. My friend Abby invited me to celebrate Christmas with her family in Pennsylvania, I can’t say “no” to that because that would be my first Christmas in the true American home. I remember we arrived a day before, and when I woke up on Christmas morning, I found many present for me under the Christmas Tree (the real pine tree with the smell too). Then we have a nice dinner, going to the mall which was full of Christmas decoration, I even recall walked by myself around the neighbourhood and play with the snow. That was the coolest  Christmas experience I ever have.

In my big family, we celebrate Christmas by going to church on the Christmas Eve, then go to my parents house to have a gathering. My mom will cook some food, we will have another small service where the children took part in singing, light up the candle, read story of Jesus Birth from the Bible and praying. And then we will exchange gifts and kids got to play fireworks afterward. Then usually my dad started to kick us out of the house, some will protest because they still want to play or talk, but we end up go home and have a nice sleep.

In my house, we start to prepare for Christmas early in December. Take out the Christmas tree (we have 2 artificial  tree, one is white and one is green) and put up one of them. The kids will help me with the decoration. I let them make their own decoration from paper or cardboard to be hang on the tree. I will play the Christmas music every morning, and read the Christmas story at night. Then before the break I will make Christmas Card (which is our family picture) and make some goodies for my co-workers. Usually after Christmas I will invite friends from church to have a gathering at our house and have plenty of food and gifts for their children.

I miss Christmas already and feel happy just think about it.