happy birthday jasmine…

July, 24 is my daughter birthday.

my dream for her party was:
invite some of her best friend from church and her cousins
having an afternoon party out in our frontyard
Decorate with colorfull strings and baloons, hang things on the trees
set up a table with plenty of food and drinks
pizza, french fries, drumstick, soda, juices, candy and ice cream
kids can sit on the small chairs talking to each other
I will make some games for them, 20 questions, serenade, etc
they will have so much fun

But the reality are:
her birthday is not on the weekend
financially we coudn’t afford the party
so we took her to the mall
she chose to see “Despicable Me 2”
we have small dinner before that
then I buy us a book so we can communicate our feelings

Even though my dream (and I have told her that) to celebrate Jasmine birthday was so different from the reality, but thank God my daughter has a big heart to understand our situation and be happy with what has happen.

I love you Jasmine
Happy Birthday!!!!

Note: Precious thing Jasmine asked me on the phone “Mom can I wear make up on my Birthday?”
Funny Thing Edgar asked when the film started “this is not Pirated Movie right Mom?”


first audition….

Yesterday my daughter go for her first audition
she was so excited even though the timing is not perfect
They just told us on Sunday that it will be Monday at 5pm
and this Monday Jasmine starting her school exam
I was debated whether jasmine should go for it or not
But this is a great opportunity and she loves to sing
So we told her to really use her time effectively
because on Tuesday is Math, her weakest subject
After work I went home directly, she already had lunch
I told her to pick and practice a song that she like
and she pick God Speaking from Mandisa,
later on when I really listen to this song, I was so touch

Less than an hour, I told her to get ready,
she brought her math book and song book
we’re going by public transportation to a place
where my husband meet us and we went together
I was worry we will be late but we get there on time
Around 12 kids went for the Audition with Steve Johnson
among them is Angel, Jasmine’s best Friend
They’ve calling each other to make sure they will come
Mango aka Steve try to make the kids feel relax by playing
because not all kids are ready and confident to perform
He’s so good to make them come to the microphone
just to say something and later on sang a song
Some kids come up to the stage and sang
I told her to take the opportunity to sing by herself
Jasmine got nervous that she forget her song’s title
but she did it… I am so proud of her…
bThen I realize I need to prepared myself for the future
because if this is what my daughter want to pursuit in life
I need to support her through victory and failure…



the story of a picture…

My daughter jasmine is going for Junior High next year.
We bought a form of registration on November
But work on it few days before the due date
jasmine filled in the form, I wrote the statement letter
and my husband prepared all the documents requested
Now they asked for 2 id pictures as well
I thought we have some but we could not find them
so I decided to take her picture by myself
the plan didn’t go well, I was too tense she end up cry
My husband finally manage to calm and take her picture
But when I want to copy it to be develop @ the store
I was so dissapointed with the picture, look at the face
and what happen to the hair? why they are in the front?

So I make another photo session that night
but it didn’t turn out the way I want it
There’s not enough light and I wasn’t sure it’s focus

I expressed my frustation to my husband by phone
he’s still at work but he always so understanding
“Don’t worry we can do it tomorrow morning” He said
On the due date I got the picture I want and we turn in the form on time
Look at her, isn’t she beautiful, no trick, just great attitude and good light…

a butterfly for my girl…

my girl Jasmine is sick
she’s not been feeling well since Sunday
I let her rest at home on Monday
Because she got headache and fever
Tuesday morning she felt better
I allow her to go to school
but poor girl she only manage one period
the rest of the day she stay in the clinic
we brought her to the doctor in the afternoon
he suggest for blood test just in case
thank God the result shows nothing bad
Maybe she just need some rest
Today we decided she will stay home
my husband went out and found a butterfly
he brought it in and put it close to her
it stay for awhile then it fly away…

Proud of Jasmine…

After the hard week having my kids exam and house renovation at the same time, you have no idea how happy I was when we went to pick our kids report cards. We found out that both of them made it to the next level. I don’t really worry about my son, but I was nervous about my daughter jasmine because she’s not doing well in the first semester. One reason why I gave up my work the end of last year is to help my kids gets better in their academic, but still is challenging to be patient and inspired them to study. So my daughter improvement really surprised me, I felt proud at her and ashamed at the same time, because I feel like I under estimated her all this time.

Jasmine’s grades raised from total 766 in the first semester to 800 in 2nd semester. She gets better grades in Math (her number one enemy), Science, Social Studies, and English. To my surprise Edgar actually has a decline in some of his grades including English, Computer, Math and Social studies. Last semester he got 874 as Total and this semester down 6 points. The teacher also said that he need to improve his writing. Since he wrote with left hand it’s a bit hard for me to teach him to write neatly.

I know this is not the end, there are still many things need to be improve, especially since next year my daughter will go for grade 6 national exam and I really need to focus to help her studying. But right now I just want to enjoy few weeks of vacation before back to the hustle bustle of studying.

I shouldn’t have done that….

Just after I brag about my 2012 resolution, how I want to enjoy my relationship with my kids, I have fall short right away. I got so impatient with my daughter Jasmine.

Sunday morning she was writing something at study room while I was getting ready for church. When I saw her I scolded her for use the A4 paper recklessly and leave papers everywhere. she started to cry because she was feeling unhappy already from leaving behind by my husband and son who are going to church earlier.

Then in the evening when I accompany her to do her homework, I got so irritate to find out how messy her notebooks were. They were full of drawing and scribble in the back, many pages torn, and not neat. And when I check her agenda, I found out she lost her Social Study notebook. Again I lectured her for being such a careless students, and I said I can’t understand how can she study and understand the lesson with such messy notebooks.

This morning she woke up just fine, get ready and had breakfast. But after that she loose focus and take care something unimportant, Her brother and I are ready, but she was not finished put on her shoes and I have to look for her socks, because she didn’t prepared them. On the way to school the road is jam, I looked at her in the eyes and told her how she need to be faster in the morning if she doesn’t want to be late to school.

Luckily she’s not late, and we all relieved. I also got a chance to buy her notebook to replace her lost one and buy her some food to eat at the recess. Then I went to a store to do some grocery, but since the store open at 8, I buy a bowl Chicken Porridge from a street vendor nearby and ate it there. As I open my bag to pay, I found a yellow pen with a note inside my bag. I was surprise because the day before I asked if I can have it but Jasmine said “no, I like it too”

It turn out that morning my daughter change her mind and she decided to give it to me, because she knew I love yellow. She write a note “sorry, I was yell at you Mom, but I was hurt as well. Thank you for taking me to church although I prefer to go with papa. I have a present for you, the yellow pen you like, please accept it. Thank you for being nice to me last night. Sorry this paper is wet because I cried when I wrote this. I love you Mom.

I was ashamed of myself, being so impatient and not be able to understand my child. When I got home I take the time to think and pray, I asked God to give me the wisdom to see Jasmine’s strength more than her weaknesses and to respect her uniqueness. When she came home from school, I apologize and thank her for the pen and note. She reply, thanks for the lunch too, mom!

happy birthday Daddy…

I love you daddy
you are my hero
(and you always in my dream)
I love you daddy o daddy
You are my superstar…

I remember this song sang by Ricardo & Friends many year ago. I used to sang it with my brothers and sisters when we were small, and it happen that we call our father “daddy” and not “papa”. But to tell you the true, I can truly say “I Love You Daddy” just a few years back.

I am proud of my dad coz he’s work very hard to get where he is now, and I also admire his heart coz he always help other people, family or not. but now I can say I love him coz as I get older I realize he is the best father for me.

I feel bad did not get a chance to met him today, coz he was busy at church the whole day, so do I. My brother and sister took him out for lunch and I couldn’t make it. But I am glad we got to talked on the phone in the evening and I can pray for him.

I wish my dad will enjoy his life now, coz he is so blessed by God, and I hope I can enjoy his present many more years. I love you Daddy.