it’s my daughter 11th birthday yesterday…

Venue : D Cost Restaurant Cinere Mall
Menu : Rice, Seafood, veggie, hot tea and ice tea
Cake : Rainbow Cake with Light purple icing and Princess Jasmine on the top
Attendance: Opa, Oma, Rannu, Cassie, Bryan, Christie, Hans, Prince, Benito, Joe, Ahlyn, Faithlyn, Lovelyn, Mbak, and Debby
Costume : Checkers and jeans
Gifts : Princess Jasmine pencil case, Purple crocs, Winx Club label name, Jeans and purple shirt and some money.


so much for a dinner, but it’s worthed…

I was so excited because I had a dinner planned with couple friends yesterday. At first we think about going to the mall, but then someone came with a better idea to have it at his new house, and we all agree. It’s a potluck thing, I told my friend if I have time I will make “Sapo Tahu”, but if not I will buy “Cap Cay” from a restaurant near my house. so after work I stop by at the shop and buy some vegetables. While I watched the Korean Drama (it’s a new serial) I defrost the chicken and clean up the vegetables. When I started to fried the Tofu, a friend call, I turn off the stove and we talked for about 30 minutes. She told me about her family problems, I have to stop her and say I am in the middle of cooking. When I get back to the kitchen part of the tofu I have cooked is missing. I thought it was my son, but it turn out it’s my daughter who ate it. I cooked the chicken, but suddenly the stove is died down, the gas is finished. I asked my brother-in-law if I can cook at his house, and he said OK. So my kids help me to bring all the ingredients next door, and I continue cooking. While I am cooking my niece and nephew came home from school but they can’t get into their house because they lost their house key. I told them to wait in my house and feed them because they haven’t eat lunch. It’s after 6, my cooking is ready, but my husband has not yet arrived. I took shower and get myself ready. My husband came home but first he got to help my nephew to get into their house. The appointment supposed to start by 7, but we were able to leave the house at that time after make sure my kids have their dinner. I SMS my friend to apologize that we’re going to be late. On the way, I just realized I feel so tired, but thank God the dinner went great. A couple brought “Sop Mangga” and we ate it before the meal, The host prepare Rice and Chicken, and we ate it with my Sapo as the main course, and for desert we ate “Asinan Bogor” from another couple. 8 of us had a good time, laugh at each other jokes, share about our kids, and realize that if we went to the mall, we will spend more money and wont have this much fun.

happy birthday edgar…

My son celebrated his birthday last Monday. He’s so excited about it since a week before. In the morning we all doing regular activities, My husband and I went to work, and the kids was going to school. In the afternoon, when I got home he told me what happen in his class. After morning prayer his home room teacher suddenly announced that it’s his birthday that day. Edgar was surprise and blushing, but deep down in his heart he feel so happy.

I let him play outside with his friends for a while. He like to bike, and he’s always exchange or sharing his bike with his friends. When his sister came home, we ate lunch together. Edgar mention that he wanted to invite some of his classmate for his birthday dinner, especially Kezia Bintang his favorite girl in class. I try to explain that we can’t just invite people like that, they might have something else to do, especially in the school nights.

That night just like the way he want, we went to Pizza Hut for dinner. We invited oma and opa to join us. We order 1 big pizza, pasta, soup, salad, chicken wings and hot drinks. Edgar enjoy his food as well as played around the table with his cousin Benito. I asked my husband to take some pictures of us with the mobile phone, he was so funny making faces.

After dinner we stop by at the hospital, which is just a block away, because My sister’s son Prince, whom Edgar’s best friend must be hospitalized. Edgar said he also want to stay in the hospital, I told him that it’s not fun to be sick. I remind him the time when he fall from the roof and stay couple nights in the hospital. We wait for a while then go home after we pray for Prince.

Edgar really want a new bike for his birthday. We went to some stores and check the price for used and new bike. But he end up agree with my husband suggestion to fix and repainting his old one. It cost less too, only he insist to buy Animal Kaiser, a card game for boys, So I took him to the mall the next day to buy one.

Can’t believe my son is 8 now. I wish him to become a strong but gentle man and a smart but humble one. Happy birthday my dear…