September birthdays….


September, 9 is the Birthday of our Pastor Reby Walandouw. We planned a surprise party for him by come to his house early in the morning. It happen that my husband not felling well, we’re getting into argument and on the way to his house we got flat tire, so we arrived late. Everybody already there laughing, had breakfast and we join the sharing part. Image

My son Edgar’s Birthday, September 12. We invite my family to have dinner at my brother”s Joe new street foot restaurant “Meja 77”. His wife Ahlyn prepared chicken and fish BBQ for us. The food was ok, is just something wrong with the light, so we ate in candle light.Image

My Mom Birthday, September 22. We had dinner at her place. Again we order the same food from my brother. Its always a wonderful moment to be able to make our parents happy because they have done so many things for us and we can’t thank them enough. Too bad my brother David and his family couldn’t make it, and my Brother Pierre is so far away in Africa. Image


so much for a dinner, but it’s worthed…

I was so excited because I had a dinner planned with couple friends yesterday. At first we think about going to the mall, but then someone came with a better idea to have it at his new house, and we all agree. It’s a potluck thing, I told my friend if I have time I will make “Sapo Tahu”, but if not I will buy “Cap Cay” from a restaurant near my house. so after work I stop by at the shop and buy some vegetables. While I watched the Korean Drama (it’s a new serial) I defrost the chicken and clean up the vegetables. When I started to fried the Tofu, a friend call, I turn off the stove and we talked for about 30 minutes. She told me about her family problems, I have to stop her and say I am in the middle of cooking. When I get back to the kitchen part of the tofu I have cooked is missing. I thought it was my son, but it turn out it’s my daughter who ate it. I cooked the chicken, but suddenly the stove is died down, the gas is finished. I asked my brother-in-law if I can cook at his house, and he said OK. So my kids help me to bring all the ingredients next door, and I continue cooking. While I am cooking my niece and nephew came home from school but they can’t get into their house because they lost their house key. I told them to wait in my house and feed them because they haven’t eat lunch. It’s after 6, my cooking is ready, but my husband has not yet arrived. I took shower and get myself ready. My husband came home but first he got to help my nephew to get into their house. The appointment supposed to start by 7, but we were able to leave the house at that time after make sure my kids have their dinner. I SMS my friend to apologize that we’re going to be late. On the way, I just realized I feel so tired, but thank God the dinner went great. A couple brought “Sop Mangga” and we ate it before the meal, The host prepare Rice and Chicken, and we ate it with my Sapo as the main course, and for desert we ate “Asinan Bogor” from another couple. 8 of us had a good time, laugh at each other jokes, share about our kids, and realize that if we went to the mall, we will spend more money and wont have this much fun.

what is it about karaoke…

I heard about karaoke 20 something years ago, but only recently Igot really into it. Last night I went to one, and this is the 3rd time in a week. Last Thursday, my husband and I went to Inul Vista, It’s one of karaoke place owned by a famous dangdut singer in Indonesia Inul Daratista. We invited 2 other couples because we wanted to use the free pass we got from the previous visit. I think that’s the way the company attract people to come back by giving out free pass for one hour but we must use the room for at least 2 hours. That means we got to pay for another hour, plus the food we order (for you can’t bring food from outside).
The second time was last Saturday. My husband and I and the kids went to a mall, and they have this Karaoke Box. This is how it works, we got to choose the song(s) from their song list, buy coin(s) then enter a box that fit for 2 adult and 2 kids (if you are not a “big size” family like mine). Slip the coin into the machine with a TV screen on it, and press the button of numbers according to the song code. Then you can sing as loud as you want. I found this very entertaining and my kids love it. We pay Rp. 2,500 (a quarter) per song.
Last night I was with my friends from highschool. Someone invites us for his birthday. First we started with nice dinner, and although some prefer to stay and talk, the majority agree to go for Karaoke. So it is done. We start at 21.30 and finish by midnight. Some got to sings many songs, some satisfied to be the background vocals, and some enjoy the conversation and drink.
Personally I think karaoke is more fun when you are with some companies, although you have to wait for your turn, but you got to see people’s favorite songs and you are welcome to sing along. Even when some people sing off-key, we all will support and give applause. Last year my husband and I took time to celebrate our 10th anniversary just the 2 of us. One of the things we did was Karaoke, We try to sing some songs that we like but after that, we both agree that it’s better when the kids were with us, it’s more fun, first because they know many of the new songs and also coz’ they don’t care about making mistakes, they just sing.
I remember watched the movie “My Best Friend’s Wedding” and I really like the scene when Kimmy, out of love for her fiance sang  the song even though she couldn’t carry a tune. for me, I like to sing, and I can sing, but I am not a very good singer. My voice is thin, I can only sing some song nicely but most of the time it’s too high or too low. That’s why I really admire people who can master singing in a karaoke.
There was an old couple I met couple years ago in my sister-in-law wedding. Man…they can sing any song very nice, You name it: Mandarin, Western, Indonesian, traditional songs, they’ve been winning in many Karaoke Contest. They seems to enjoy life, they look younger than their age, maybe that’s what karaoke did to people. It makes you forget your problem for a little while, you can laugh and express or even fool yourself, get acquaintance, going home with a music in your heart and next time your singing will get better and better.

why do i like my job…?


First of all I like reading, and as a librarian I got full access to all the books here, both fiction and non fiction books. Reading just open up my horizon, and by reading I got to know a little bit of places I never visit, times I never been, and people I never meet. By reading I got to know different author and their writing style, and that inspired me in my writings too

This job is related to what I studied for my Bachelor Degree, which is Library Science. Although back then was not so advance like today, but the principle is just the same. I enjoy the cataloging, finding the Dewey Number, the daily circulation even as simple as plastic wrapping the book.

I love my co-workers. Both the teachers and the admin are people who enjoyable to work with. We greet and smile to each other when we met. Some take the times to listen to you, even though everybody are busy with their works. I enjoy lunch with the admin staff every working day. We had a staff retreat once a year, and outing to refresh and bonding with each other.

I like the environment. The school is laid in the south where it’s greener than other part of the city, its not too big, but not too small. The Library has a big glass window so I have a really nice view toward the playground where the kids play. We have some trees in the yard and the vine plants cover the big fences around the school. 

I am happy to help the kids in their learning process. There is nothing like see a child exciting to study out new things. Some kids love to read in the library and some borrow book everyday. Although I always  need to remind them about the rules, but all in all it’s part of their education.

Apart from that, I also enjoy the events we have through the year; Literacy Week, Christmas Celebration, UN Day, ITC & Science Fair, SLI Cup, Family Fun Day even Graduation. I also got a chance to help in our some of our school productions such ANNIE and JOSEPH as props manager, and lastly i enjoy to be the official school photographer, so I can take picture of all the occassions.

This is my 6th year working in SLI and by June next year I have participated with one batch of students completed their elementary years. I thank God for giving me this job!

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Best Friends…

I am in the middle of reading a book called “Best Friend” wrote by Jacqueline Wilson. This book is so funny, and touching as well, I like the author writing style, simple and honest. It talks about a friendship between Gemma and Alice, who were friends since they were babies. In fact they were born on the same day at the same hospital. They went to the same school and spend a lot of time together. Even though they characters are so different, Gemma is kind of messy, active, and funny but Alice is a calm, sensitive and tidy. Their friendship was put to the test when Alice have to move to Scotland with her family. I have not finish it, but I will soon, cause it’s hard to put the book down.

As I read this book I started to think about people whom I considered my best friend. The order is not important, they all mean a lot for me.

1. Pur. We just got to know each other better this past 2 years, but I just feel so comfortable talking to her. I feel like she’s my partner whom I can share my struggles, my happiness, and it’s great working together with her and her husband. I really appreciate their service in Kids Kingdom, and it’s a joy to see them still giving in Depok. I still expecting them to fulfill their promised to sleep over our house though.

2. Elly, a friend at work. We became closed not only because we’re going home together almost every working day, but also because she’s so open to me about her life. She always said I remind her of her sister, and I just like to be around her, she’s always exciting about works and full of life. So funny because we both like Green!

3. Naomas is a friend from Church. We knew each other from our single years. And after we got married and have kids we still in each other life. Our daughters Lala and Jasmine are best friends. She is a hard-working woman and always  like helping other people. I love to visit their one room house in Pasar Minggu, and just to be able to spend time with her.

4. Anti. An old friend from Junior and senior High. Our friendship last for about 30 years now. Our father used to work for the same company, that’s why we always keep in touch. I remember stay over her house in Surabaya, and she came to visit me in Bandung. I can’t wait to spend times with her as we’re going for our Highschool reunion in Manado this weekend.

5. Cynthia. A mom of 2 Son and a daughter. She used to be very quiet and remorse. But now I learn so much from her because her wisdom comes from the Word of God. She and her husband Rebi always care for our family, they always bring us something from their trip out-of-town. I thank God for having them in my life, she’s not only a friend but also a mentor for me.

6. Shella. We got close when I studied the Bible with her. Became a mother of 3 kids in the young age and haven’t finish highschool is not an easy thing for her. But I just appreciate her faith in God. She went through trouble so many times, but keep on trusting in God. She used to call me to the office and call me “miss” like my co-worker. I miss talking to her.

7. Vicka. a colleague at work. Maybe cause we both Ambonesse, she live close by to my mom’s house in BCI, and  a couple adventure in Fatmawati Street (first walking many kilometers with Lydia that night due to traffic jam, and second when her car broke down and end up with someone tow the car home), made me feel close to her. I love her kids, we went swimming once, and her husband and I share the same passion, photography!

8. Lily. I met her just before she got married in 1996. Get to know her when she was a newly wed. And for some years we were separated, she was having kids in Tangerang, and I was getting married in East and lived in West Jakarta.  In 2003 we’re back together when I moved to the South on my 2nd pregnancy. Even though we’re not click automatically, but through the years as I get to know her and her husband better, she become so dear to me. In one point our kids went to the same school and my son adore her sons. When I need a hair cut like this point of time, I will go to her. She’s quite good!

9. Yossy, a grandma of 2 but doesn’t look like one. I knew Yossy about 7 years now and  witness from the time she came alone to church till now almost the whole family is here. I really admire how she fight and pray for her family to be unity and to come to know God. One thing about Yossy is; she’s a small lady with a beautiful voice and heart. Miss the spending time with her lately.

10. Lenda, Although we once went for a family trip to Bandung, but we’re never too closed. Just recently I realized, she’s a simple but impactful woman of God. She and her husband help a group of marriage in Bekasi, and turned it upside down to become a vibrant and fired up group. I learn so much from her heart when my family stay over their house before they moved to Jambi couple weeks ago. And regret why didn’t I notice her strenght earlier. Still I am glad we’ve become friends.

11. Ulani, a friend from college. We met each other during the student’s orientation, and be friend ever since. I think we are twin but born in a different family,  She came from a family with Sundanese mother and Chinese father. We have the same birth date, only she’s light and I am dark. She got married right after we graduate from FIKOM UNPAD. and now her oldest son is in UI. She’s so smart and pursuit carrier in teaching. I always admire her!

The list can go on and on…..Friendship is so precious, I love friendship…..share yours with me!


Re-union \re”yunyan\ n 1: act of reuniting 2: meeting of person who have been separated

Since Facebook comes around, I never seen so many reunion like nowadays. people met one old friends that leads to another, and in no time the reunions take places. Classmates, schoolmates, family, childhood friends, organization, etc.

In October my friend and I will travel to Manado and be in the Big reunion of our high School class 1985. I wasn’t graduate from that school because my father got transfer to other city in the middle of grade 11, but they said whoever was listed from year 1983 till 1985 counts. So I sign up fo it! Couple weeks ago, I met some of them  and for sure most of them are in the bigger size, but also thicker wallet, that show from how many zero they wrote in a paper passed around to collect donation for our “giving back to the alma mater” program.

There is something about meeting old friends that make me exciting. First of all is the curiosity of how they look since the last time we met 25 years ago. Not only look but what are they become, a successful business man, a lovely mother of three, or fun and free single? as for me, what can I brag about? my carrier is ok, I am not a very ambitious person, i work cause I want to do something and help our family financial situation. About the kids, most of theirs are in highschool or College, I heard one has grandkids (wow) and mine is still in the elementary. Maybe the only thing I can show of is my size, is not much of a different from back then.

Couple months ago I’ve been to my college reunion in Bandung. Although not everybody attend, due to various circumstance including there is no connection and some have passed away, there are about 100 friends came. It’s so funny to see the older version of us try to act like quarter century ago. Singing those silly songs, and some guys try to bring back the memories with the old sweetheart even though just for fun since they’re in marital status. I guessed the history together does impact our feelings for each others.

That is also the reason why my husband hesitate to let me go, because I’ll be meeting my ex boyfriend. In fact couple months ago we’ve been calling and SMSing each other. Although he is a humorous guy and a good writer as well, but I am sold out for my husband right now. I just hope to have some fun there, meeting my old friends,  building networking for future reference, visiting the place I used to live for 5 years, visiting some relatives who lives there, and attending the service of GKDI in Manado.

Can’t wait for the 10-10-10!


This is the second year i arrange a sleepover party for my daughter and her friends. Lala and Ovi are Jasmine’s friends from the church we go to. I am close to their parents as well, so it’s a blessing to have them over. It’s started from Friday afternoon till Sunday morning. Lala came first, then Ovi show up the next morning, cause her dad just get a chance to drop her. Jasmine is a talkative girl but when she’s around her friends it’s even worse, she seems to always have something to say. I learn a lot about tweens, and especially about my daughter from this event.

Last year, I came up with the idea, because we’re not planned to go anywhere during the school’s vacation. I talked to their parents and they’re agree. So it’s happened, They drop their kids over, and these girls have fun for 2 nights at my house. The highlight of last year sleepover was sleeping in a tent  (in the living room) but then they have to move in the bedroom cause so many mosquitos, makeover (including makeup, manicure, and dress up), performance (singing) and off course photo session. I printed up their make over pictures and gave them to their parents.

 This year I took them out for some adventure. We went to the rice field, collect some snails, cross a small river,  and on the way back we’re hitchhiked. Even though my daughter was cry at one point, but she enjoy walking in the mud. We also have to walk quite far, but I think as long as they are together, they will do anything. We also had a photo session in the afternoon after they woke up from a nap and made a scrapbook about their friendship.

I kind of envy the kids nowadays. In my childhood I don’t remember having this kind of thing. I did sleepover someone house, but no one really arrange for us to have a good time. No one think about a makeover or adventure. I guess my mom was so busy with 6 kids that she never made one for me. But I am glad to make one for my daughter. One thing I learn you must have plenty of food in the house, because these kids eat a lot.  Another thing is my boy, I need to plan something for him during this time, otherwise he will bother the girls. He wanted to be part of the group (including sleep with them and shower with them) but the girl didn’t want him. Poor Edgar. I am thinking to have a sleepover for him as well.