may i always be in awe of YOU

dedicated this to my Lord Jesus Christ


i love fruits

fruits are good, fruits are many.

most fruits are sweet, sour and watery.

try to eat fruits everyday.

it can make your body fresh and healthy.

My top ten favorite fruits:

1. Sawo (Sapodilla). I just falling in love right away to this one from the first time I eat it. It’s sweet and watery. Once I try the juice and also taste great. My Dad love this fruit, maybe I got it from him. One time I don’t have money to buy gift for his birthday. so I just bought some of this and arrange it on a plate and gave it to him. Happy B’day dad!

2. Salak (Snake Fruit). Among all the fruits, I think I ate this one the most. because in my country it’s always in season. The taste is not always sweet, sometime there is a little bit sour, but that’s why I like it. In Bali they have one kind that very sweet, people call it “gula pasir” means sugar.

3. Durian. Although many people opposed the fruit because the smell, but for me the odor is very attractive. Everytime I went to the fruits stall and saw it I will get closer just to be able to smell it. It’s quite expensive compare to the other and high cholesterol as well So I didn’t eat it often.

4. Belimbing (Starfruits) If it sweet I usually eat it straight, but if it sour, I will mix sugar and soy sauce, and eat with it. So fresh. My kids love it too.

5. Kesemek (Persimmon) I hardly eat this one cause it’s rare in the supermarket. I like it because is not soggy like other fruits.

6. Buah Naga (Dragon Fruits). Yummy…yummy…yummy. Can just cut it into half, grab a spoon, and start to dig the sweet and white flesh combine with black little seeds.

7. Sirsak (Soursop). I also hardly eat this one. I think the best way is to make juice out of it. Because is just too many work to eat it directly. They say eating this fruit  its very good to fight cancer.

8. Manggis (Mangosteen). Black in the outside but white in the inside, that is the trade mark of this fruit. Although is good, be careful with the stain.

9. Leci (Lichee). Just recently I try the fresh one. In the past we always bought the canned one. Both are good. Once my friend made a pudding and this one on it. OMG it taste really good.

10. Jambu Biji (Guava). This one is very comment in my country. I remember have the tree in our old house. Even though the tree is small but it produce so many fruits. We share it with people cause we can’t finish it ourself.