flood in jakarta…

Jakarta flooded is not a new thing
every year on the rainy season it will happen
but today I saw on the internet and watched on TV
the flood cover many areas included protocol streets
and it says that the water rise higher than years before

Here I am save, sound and warm in my house
thank God this is not happen to me and my family
glad that my husband didn’t go to work today
otherwise he will stuck somewhere wet and cold
Feel sorry and concern for the flood victims

Is not like I am ignorant about this at all
because 11 years ago my house got flooded
we were living in Grogol, west of Jakarta
and my daughter Jasmine wasn’t even a year
the water as high as my thigh when we walked out

we stayed at my parents for at least 2 weeks
going back home after my husband clean the house
It was just an experience for me
but for some people it’s happen every year
Dear God please help us all…

Note: Pictures are from Google.


Jakarta, my city, my hometown…


Up to now I have live in Jakarta for the 12 years, this is the longest time i ever live in one place for the whole of my life. Although I was born here, since I was a child my parents keep on moving from one place to another due to my fathers job and position.  Ambon (my parents’ hometown),  Tana Toraja and Palopo (South Sulawesi), Manado (North Sulawesi), Batang (Central Java), and Bandung (West Java) are some of the places I ever live. In 2002 after graduate from university I moved back to Jakarta, even though 2 years later I went to USA and thought that I will never come back, somehow my destiny always brings me back to this city.

Jakarta bring sweet and bitter memories for me. At one point (maybe because we moved every 5 years) I felt  suffocate in this city. I hate the crazy traffic, the copet (pick pocket), the pollution, the never stop growing shopping mall and the flood. But since we have a house and my kids are born here, I started to feel home. Other than that, all my family are here, so this city has become my hometown.

I lived in different part of Jakarta, In the East (Kebun Nanas to be precise) when I was single. At that time I was roaming around Senen, Pulo Mas, Pulo gadung and Rawamangun area. Then I after I got married I moved to the West and lived in Tomang and later on moved to Grogol. I come to love Jakarta, this city is never sleep, you can always find places to hang out and eat even in the middle of the night. My favorite is the south area where I live now,  because is greener and cooler than other part. There are small lakes in Cinere area, some part are hilly and other has ricefield.

The transportation system is something this city need to work on so badly. There are too many public transportations (bus, angkot, Kopaja, Metromini, etc) going to many different direction. Even with Trans Jakarta, the surplus of cars and motorcycle causes all the traffic jam surround the city. Everyday you will definitely experience traffic jam, especially in the morning when people going to school and work, and after working hour. In Pondok Labu where I lived you still can find Becak, the traditional transportation that hardly seen in the city anymore. But I missed Bajaj and Bemo, public transportation that common at the west side.

The Flood also is another problem during the rainy season. Since many buildings appeared like mushroom, the government  need to work on the draining system, and really strict in keeping the green area exist. Otherwise, this city will always be flooding, even drawn one day. And I want to encourage the citizen of Jakarta who enjoy the goodness of this city also must have an awareness to take care of this city in terms of the cleanliness and maintain their own environment.