Santa is cool….

This year Santa is confused what to give to Jasmine and Edgar
Especially because Edgar has expensive thing in his wish list
But Edgar got a great idea, He will gave Santa some money from his saving
so that Santa wont be burden to buy him an expensive gift

So Santa gave Edgar and Jasmine each a gift voucher from Matahari Dept Store
So they can choose what they want and add from their own money if is not enough
Santa is smart and cool, isn’t he or she?

On Sunday Edgar and jasmine went to Matahari with Mama
Edgar fina



fun @ wowzonia

got a free invitation to wowzania from a friend on Friday night
didn’t know what to expect but seems like it’s a great place for the kids
Saturday morning we go by taxi, my first time coz it’s a new mall.
met my friend, she’s with her family, husband and 2 kids
Turned out it’s the Grand Opening and so many people invited.
lucky we get there on time and got a nice seat while the kids are playing
They have Putters, glow in the dark mini golf, Toddler Gym,
Super Play Gym complete with flying fox, trampoline, waterfall slide,
Space ball, another glow in the dark shooting room.
They also have a Party rooms for girls with castles and princes theme
and A nice dining hall call The Cave with delicious meals
We actually get a free lunch and I really enjoy the Mushroom soup and salad.
Juices are served continually during our stay.
There are fashion show and some other performances going on
But I didn’t really enjoy because there are too many people on the way
We stay till 3 pm, but of course the kids are reluctant to leave
On the way out we stop to have our picture taken
They prepared Funny Glasses, hair piece and wigs for people to wear
We had so much fun except for one thing
my camera’s battery went off after I took few pictures
so I don’t have much proved but this….

be safe…

Today I saw Crime & Investigation Channel. I watch a story about an 11 years old girl got kidnapped when she was waiting for the school bus. The family and friends were shock and sad to lose her. 18 years later they found her alive already have 2 kids with the abductor, but in many cases things are worse. Kidnapping, rapping and murder are things that we wish never happen in our live, because if it does, it change our live upside down.

I am a not a fearful woman. Since I was a teenage, I went to another city by myself, I travel by night on the public bus. One time I even dare to except an offer from stranger to go to their house. Thanks God that nothing bad ever happen to me, but there is always possibility. Now I am a mother of 2, and although we live in a quite save neighborhood, my house is next to my sisters and we try to look after each but sometimes I worry for my kids.

Last Sunday my husband and I challenge our kids to take bus from church to a point where we will pick them. They were dare. We didn’t give them money (because that day it’s the free ride day) and we didn’t give them mobile phone (just in case). We drop them on a bus stop nearby and saw them get into the bus. It was empty, but it got so packed after few stops. We actually ride our motorcycle close to the bus, but we got to the destination first. I went in to pick them up but surprised because they’re not there. I though are they missing this stop because too many people? or maybe they got down early? I rush back to my husband who’s wait by the street, and told him to go back to the bus stop before that one. At first we didn’t see them, we make a u turn, and saw them on the side walk. Thanks God, it was quite an adventure.

But I know situation is not always saved. We don’t know if the person next to us is sane or not. And I know I can’t be with my kids for 24 hours, but I can’t be paranoid either. I have taught them some street smart, I hope they are not just dare but smart as well to face difficult situation. Just Like the TV serial World Worst Mom. I taught my kids how to use knife, using stove, direction, and how to deal with stranger, but even so I hope and Pray that nothing bad will ever happen to them.

2 vs.16

Lately I’ve been so tired because my son Edgar wake up too early in the morning. I don’t mind actually, is just he make lots of noises, open and close the door, turn the light on and off, calling my husband to wake up. Sometimes on 4 sometimes on 3, that long before my alarm clock turn on. He was determined to be the first student to get to school, and since my husband didn’t want to make 2 trips to school, he rushed her sister Jasmine to get ready early too. One time I even went to school with them and we made it at 6 but his friend (the one who’s always come early already there) beat him again.

I admired his determination, but decided to sit him down last week, because he started to whining when my husband didn’t follow his will. Other than asked him to not make noises in the morning,  I try to gave him some option what he can do till we all wake up at 5. I also told him to find out why his friend have to come that early everyday? What time did he woke up, and what time he leave home? I also wonder because his house is further than us. The next morning my son did well, and my husband end up took him to school first, and he was so happy because he get there before Meus.

Today I saw the Human Stories at Discovery Home and Health Channel, and I was so amazed by a family with 16 kids. The other day I also saw another family with 14 kids and this one has most boys, only one girl. They seems so organized, the kids help out their parents with the chores, and the mother seems to have self control and composed in facing all the kids and the hectic schedules. I only have 2 kids but almost everyday I loose my temper and get very emotional, how can they do it? I felt like I was beat up by these mothers. I just imagine they must be constantly work, how can you take a nap thinking you have to make dinner for 13 kids, or go to bed early before all your love ones tuck in their bed? Let alone sitting down and watch TV like what I am doing most afternoon.

One thing that struck me the most, one of the mother said, she has quiet time in the morning before her kids wake up. I think what make them strong and handle the situation nicely because they gain strength from their relationship with God and they maintain discipline all the time.Today my kids are away sleeping over at their friend’s house. It’s definetely a time up for me, but I started to miss them as well. I was alone most of the time coz my husband went to work for the whole day. Watching this stories help me to realized that what I went through is nothing compares to many mothers in the world. Some have special need kids, some have disabilities kids, or very sick kids. I need to be grateful for what I have, and be discipline to make the best of my time with them.

jasmine is a girl and egdar is a boy…

Jasmine like Cheese and Edgar loves Chocolate. So when I buy Sari Roti, the bread with 2 filling, they split it 2 and 2.

She will get ready last minute, sometimes late for school, but he is happy if he can get to school 1 hour early so he can play soccer with his friends.

Jasmine is good in art, she can play music and love to dance, and like I said Edgar is excellent in sports. He’s also good in biking.

Jasmine wants a birthday celebration with family or friends but Edgar will make sure he got presents for his birthday

When they received money from an aunt or opa, Jasmine will saved her money in a piggy bank, but Edgar will spend every penny he has

Jasmine is an adventurous when it come to food, she dare to try new things, but Edgar don’t eat something he didn’t recognize

but Jasmine will eat the tasty ones first, while Edgar leave the best for last.

Jasmine wants a cat and Edgar has a dog, the name is Beyonce.

If we let her, Jasmine can stay late to watch a movie. She seems to always alert till the end of he story but Edgar will fall of sleep in the middle if not the beginning.

Jasmine said she want her room to be blue, and Edgar prefer green walls

Jasmine don’t really care about the time, It took her forever to finish a small bowl of rice and chicken, mean while Edgar count every single minutes. Finish his lunch 5 minutes or take shower 2 minutes.

I still try to figure out more differences but for sure one thing they have in common, they both came from one womb. mine!

Yes…exam is over!

I think most of the mothers shared the same feeling with me, although I am not the one who take the exam but I feel like I am, because I am the one who gather all the daily test paper, sat on the table with books and read them to be able to test my kids. I went to sleep late at night and wake up earlier to make sure that my kids are studying. My daughter Jasmine for some reason didn’t have the urgency to study. She treat the exam days just  like any other day. She didn’t have the worry or fear not be able to cover the whole topics in such a short time. And for some reason I am the one who took all that worries for her. A week before exam I talked to her friend Karla, who is going to a different school but also in grade 4. She expressed to me how nervous she was facing the exam, and I know Karla is a smart girl. Well I am not expect Jasmine to get “A”s in all the subject but at least she show some earnestness and meet the school standard. My son Edgar is ok, he will read the book couple times, for him that’s what studying means. I can buy that because he’s in grade one and the lessons are not that hard yet

Honestly I am not a very patient mother. I get frustrated easily when Jasmine didn’t study seriously.  Especially in Math, when she didn’t do the problems carefully and end up with wrong answer. I always hope my husband come home earlier so he can help Jasmine in study, he’s much better in Math and also more patient. Now that the exam is over, I can be more relax, but still a bit worry about the outcomes. Will my daughter’s result good or bad? I think exam is not only testing what my kids have learn at school but also testing my qualities as a mother. And I can’t say I pass this year.  So I guess if I am expect my kids to be a better students, I must also expect myself to be a better mom! Let’s see next term!

I am not a superwoman

 I’m not your superwoman
I’m not the kind of girl who you can let down
And think that everything’s okay
Boy, I am only human
This girl needs more than occasional
Hugs as a token of love from you to me, ooh, baby

About 20 years ago, long before I got married I used to sing this song of Karyn White with my friends. back then I don’t really know the meaning, but after 10 years of married I think I can relate to it.

I am not trying to complaint about my husband, because he could  say to me “I am not a superman” as well. Is just right now we (still) don’t have a maid, so I feel like I am the one who doing all the chores in the house. Back from work I have to pick up the laundry from the laundry hanger in front of our house (thanks God for a sunny day), all are dry and smell good. Fold it nicely, if i got the time is enough I can iron them in the evening, follow by doing dishes from breakfast (didn’t have time to do it this morning). Meanwhile I have to make sure that my kids have their nap, if not I scolded them by saying if they don’t obey me they can take my place and do the house work. I will soak some more clothes in the buckets with detergent (I wonder why there are always clothes to wash?) Sometimes I sat for a little while in front of  TV and watch, but can’t be too long cause there are another chore wait for me. Next I will cook for dinner. Dinner here including rice, veggies and meat or fish (that’s healthy food in my opinion). After my kids are wake up I will take shower and make sure they do the same thing. Then when my husband come home, we can have nice dinner together.

My husband chores in the house is only (only) to sweep and mop the floor, and clean the bathroom once a while. But when he fail to do it I got irritated. He prefer to take the time to entertain the kids, in other words play with them. I don’t mind that but I can’t stand the floor dirty, should I do it too when I have 2 buckets of laundry waiting for me? And I mean by washing is doing it with my own hand and brush, we don’t have the machine. Last time he feel guilty seeing me so tired,  he did the ironing after I fall of sleep. I really appreciate what he did but I told him, I can do mine. He just have to make sure his, and give me lots of love.

Wake up in the morning is a constant burden for me, cause I hardly feel fresh. I need some “counterpain” (muscle’s remedial) on my hips and back after taking shower to make me feel better, and it’s hard to apply it by myself, and when my husband didn’t bother to help me,  I feel like he didn’t care. I started to make a list of what have I done:  cooked breakfast, prepared  lunch box for all of us, and help the kids to get ready and what did he does? just make sure himself ready. Don’t get me wrong this is not happen all the time, sometimes he does helped, but when you got angry you feel like that what’s happen all the time. O! is so much easier when we have a maid, but right now we don’t have that priviledge

Am I too spoil? There are many other women in my country and around the world who have to do this all their lives. Thank God if they have a good husband to bring home some dough for the family, but if not…how much worse their situation from me? I guess I just need to be grateful and learn to be effective. I am not a superwoman, but i can do it if I have to….for my family.