ocean heaven…

what will you do?
if you a father of a special need child?
and your wife has pass away many years ago?
on top of that doctor said you are dying?

Mr. Wang was only a lonely and poor guy
living in a small rented house
works as a mechanic in a “ocean park”
brought his son to work every day.

Dafu grew up to be a good swimmer
enjoy swim with sea creatures everyday
meet a clown girl who play juggling
He and Ling ling learn how to make friendship

Dafu live happy go lucky in his own world
don’t understand his father pain and struggles
when the clown girl leave to another place
Dafu wait her call by the phone booth

Mr. Wong work very hard to train his son
how to cook egg for himself
how to take a bus on his own
to understand the value of money

He didn’t have much sleep at night
sewing the tag on his son clothes
struggling with the pain of his sickness
wondering about his son future

try to find a place for his son
in a special need boarding school
don’t have the time for romance
even though he has crushed on someone

the lady is nice and quite pretty
she love Dafu and his father too
Before leave he gave her money and photo
she return the money but took his photo.

one more thing he wants to do
Swim with Dafu as a sea turtle
leaving his love and sense of presence
when he finally really have to go.

Title: Ocean Heaven
Produce in Year: 2010
Director: Xiao Lu Xue
Stars: Jet Li, Lunmei Kwai, Yuanyuan Zhu, Wen Zhang
This movie in Shanghai Media Award
Won Best Film: Ocean Heaven 2010
Won Best New Director: XUE Xiaolu 2010
Won Best Actor: Wen Zhang 2010

This movie was one of 3 movies (Temple Grandin and Taare Zameen Par) that played at Usmar Usmail Building, Kuningan in the “Special Need Children Awareness” Festival & Campaign by College of Allied Educators (CAE).
My heart and appreciation goes out to the parents who are always fight for their special need children.


it’s a good friday…

“the darling of heaven crucified.”
Today we sang the song “Worthy is the lamb” by Hillsong in the Good Friday service. And every time got I to this part my eyes got teary, my throat become tight and the words are hard to came out. I feel bad, terrible and guilty because someone who is so dear and loved by all the heavenly host was treated with disrespect and tortured so bad by human. And I surely took part in that crucifixion with my sins. But I also feel honor and loved at the same time because God Almighty was willing to take that bold step to give His only son, so that I can have an intimate relationship with Him and a change to be save.
Thank You Father for such a great love.

Happy Good Friday friends,
May you have a great time meditate on God’s love today…

slumdog millionaire (the book vs the movie)…

People said the book is usually better than the movie, I try to prove it. So I am reading the book that originally title Q & A; A novel wrote by Vikas Swarup, an Indian Diplomat who is serving in South Africa when the book is published. This book has been translate into 34 languages and as we all know adopted in a major motion picture. I have seen the movie about a year ago, and found it very interesting and entertaining.
But after I read the book, I feel like it’s a different story. Although the flot is similar, but there are so many things in the book didn’t show up in the movie. I guess they try to simplify the story and make it easy to digest for public.

Basically the story is about a boy who grew up in the slums area then became a contestant on the Indian version of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”. Suprisingly he can answer all the questions correctly but he got arrested under suspicion of cheating, and while being interrogated, events from his life history are shown which explain why he knows the answers. The Director of the Movie is Danny Boyle, The screenplay by Simon Beaufoy and the character was play by Dev Patel.

As today I have read until page 207, and the differences I notice between the movie and the book are:

The name of character was change from Ram Mohammad Thomas to Jamal K. Malik. There are also name changed for other characters.

In the book, the character is an orphan who’s adopt by a pastor name Father Timothy and grew up in the Catholic Church environment, but in the movie, he has a family although his mother pass away in one of the riot in India.

In the Book, Salim was a friend he met in a Juvenile house for boys, they were taken by Maman to be make into begger but they runaway. In the movie, Salim is his brother.

In the movie, the first question is about Amitabh Bachchan, the famous Bollywood actor who’s Jamal favor the most that he would do anything to get his signature. But in the book it was Armaan Ali who was Salim’s favourite Indian actor but it turn out was a gay.

In the movie there is a girl name Latika whom Jamal fall in love and fight to find her, but in the book it was Nita, a prostitute girl she met in Agra.

As far as I remember there are no story about Neelima Kumari, the Tragedy Queen of Indian Movie, or Colonel Taylor the Autralian whom Thomas once work in his house, or about Thomas murder a man who rob his money on the train, or about an Army retired and one leg Balwant Singh who lied about his heroic act in the war, and about Ahmed Khan who was a contract killer that saved Salim’s life, even Swapna Devi who deny his own son Shankar in the movie.

Both the movie and the book has a happy ending, but somehow the book stunned me more, the end is unpredictable. The life of Thomas may seems to be full of coincidence or maybe I should say luck, but the way the Author put it is so smooth and beautiful. You may count me as one of Mr. Swarup fans.

Next I will be reading “Six Suspect” by the same Author.