i used to think the plant is beautiful when the flowers are plenty .

for without flowers the plant looks pale and plain,

but as i look through the lense of my camera carefully,

leaves and  branches are quite nice and fine.

nature is still special…even when is not  flowery.

(from my nature collection)

Photograph with Sony DSC H-7


i love yellow flower…

I don’t remember when was  the first time I like yellow flowers, but I remember when I was in college, I studied away from home. And everytime I went to visit my family in the other city, I noticed there are many kinds of yellow flowers along the way and started to count them. I didn’t know all their names, but I love the color, it’s vibrant, warm and energetic, especially againts the green nature surround them. My favorite one is SUNFLOWER. 

What kind of flowers do you like?