last day of school…


Today is the highlight of my week because is the last day of school for the students, so their going to have class party. They can come at 9 o’clock, but some students show up very early, either their parents didn’t read the agenda, or the student himself are so exciting about today. they come in free clothes so today will be colorful, not just blue, white and light brown of our uniform

The parents will prepare food for their kids to bring. The teacher or class mom usually organize it, so some students will bring food and some drinks. So the class will be arrange, food and drinks will be put on the table in the middle of the class, and the chair will be arrange on the side. Teachers will prepare activities for the students, usually games or movie, they will do it until the time to eat their food.

I usually enjoy going from class to class, eat pizza here, and drink juice there. Ice cream, potato chips, soft drinks, french fries, You can name all the fun food children love. But I am not just eating, I also take pictures. I love to take pictures of the students in their regular clothes, they seems so fun and free, not like during the school days and in uniform. Maybe because the exam are over and their going for vacation. Or maybe because we don’t expect them to act in the certain rules that we usually do. The atmosphere is just so relax and happy.

As much as we struggle to teach them or discipline them, but when it comes to the last day of school, I feel like I am going to miss them, cause they will be away for a while. Some even move to another school or country. So I will enjoy today as much as I can.


Birthday Celebration


Today is one of my co-worker birthday. Happy Birthday Agnes! She’s order lunch for us. Thanks my friend! May God bless you.

Working in a school give me some advantages. Almost every week we have birthday celebration, either students, teachers or admin staff. So I always got a piece of cake in my table or even invited to class for a party. In that case I can enjoy pizza, donuts, coke, or even got goody bag for my kids.

I celebrate my daughter birthday every year till she was 6. I try to be creative so that every year she will remember her special day. One year we celebrate it out-door, at a park in the back of my parents house. Another year We invite families and have it at the Karaoke. Everybody enjoy…or should I say fight to get a change to sing. The last time Jasmine celebrate her birthday at school with her classmate, before she graduate preschool.

But It’s different story with my son Edgar. At his first birthday We celebrate it at Pizza Hut. We stick a candle in a small size pizza and make it as his Birthday cake. After that It’s just four of us going out for dinner. I kind a feel guilty because I didn’t celebrate his birthday with his schoolmates in preschool. This year he will graduate in June and his birthday will in September. I kind of promised him to celebrate it at McDonald or KFC and invite his classmate, and other friends. Hopefully……

Just a thought: Readers……which one do you prefer? Or which one is common in your culture?

A. The birthday person treat many or

B. Many people treat the birthday one