a m b o n e s e

People said Ambon Manise means sweet Ambonese
most of them has dark complexion like me
But they also have beautiful smile
Some has curly hair, but some does not
Again people said Ambonese are great singers
I don’t agree 100% because mine is just ok
Ambonese women are hard working just like my mom
and I wish I can cook just like them….


through the glass window


looking at my working table

full of papers, endless works

looking through the big glass window 

children playing happily, freely

which one is real? which one is better?

here in my office or out there in the field.

My body is here my mind is there.

If i go through that glass window will i be happier?

Birthday Celebration


Today is one of my co-worker birthday. Happy Birthday Agnes! She’s order lunch for us. Thanks my friend! May God bless you.

Working in a school give me some advantages. Almost every week we have birthday celebration, either students, teachers or admin staff. So I always got a piece of cake in my table or even invited to class for a party. In that case I can enjoy pizza, donuts, coke, or even got goody bag for my kids.

I celebrate my daughter birthday every year till she was 6. I try to be creative so that every year she will remember her special day. One year we celebrate it out-door, at a park in the back of my parents house. Another year We invite families and have it at the Karaoke. Everybody enjoy…or should I say fight to get a change to sing. The last time Jasmine celebrate her birthday at school with her classmate, before she graduate preschool.

But It’s different story with my son Edgar. At his first birthday We celebrate it at Pizza Hut. We stick a candle in a small size pizza and make it as his Birthday cake. After that It’s just four of us going out for dinner. I kind a feel guilty because I didn’t celebrate his birthday with his schoolmates in preschool. This year he will graduate in June and his birthday will in September. I kind of promised him to celebrate it at McDonald or KFC and invite his classmate, and other friends. Hopefully……

Just a thought: Readers……which one do you prefer? Or which one is common in your culture?

A. The birthday person treat many or

B. Many people treat the birthday one