Edgar 9 years old…

September, 12, 2012 Edgar in Blue.

Addicted to Blackberry.
I blame my husband for being so permissive
That he though his father BB is his
Everyday send messages to family and friends
if they didn’t reply he will PING.

Helping out in the kitchen
I love to see guys cooking on TV
so I am excited when he offer some help
with the cooking but also cleaning
maybe one day he can be a master chef

Started to add and appreciate friendship
Rio, Prince, KB, Lona, and Michael
are among the closest friends he has
he contact and talk to them
both boys and girls even older people

Quite picky with the food
Didn’t like Tomato, carrot and garlic
but he love tea just like me
Although it’s hard but I try
to make him eat veggie everyday

Scare of ghost for some reason
Maybe because he saw a scary movie
I didn’t realize it at first.
He always asked somebody to be with him
when he has to be alone in the bedroom.

Turned out he has a great musicality
He started by joining his sister sings
he can hit a high note in “Listen”
he took Ensemble for extra curriculer
Now he can play flute nicely too

Still practicing his penmanship
maybe because he’s a left handed
I told his Teacher to keep it that way.
if he doesn’t have HW or Test
I asked him to write a Bible verse 5 times.

I wish him a healthy and happy life
I wish to see him graduate from College
I wish him to be a gentleman to the girls
I wish him to used all his talent and abilities
But most of all I wish him to fear the Lord.



ocean heaven…

what will you do?
if you a father of a special need child?
and your wife has pass away many years ago?
on top of that doctor said you are dying?

Mr. Wang was only a lonely and poor guy
living in a small rented house
works as a mechanic in a “ocean park”
brought his son to work every day.

Dafu grew up to be a good swimmer
enjoy swim with sea creatures everyday
meet a clown girl who play juggling
He and Ling ling learn how to make friendship

Dafu live happy go lucky in his own world
don’t understand his father pain and struggles
when the clown girl leave to another place
Dafu wait her call by the phone booth

Mr. Wong work very hard to train his son
how to cook egg for himself
how to take a bus on his own
to understand the value of money

He didn’t have much sleep at night
sewing the tag on his son clothes
struggling with the pain of his sickness
wondering about his son future

try to find a place for his son
in a special need boarding school
don’t have the time for romance
even though he has crushed on someone

the lady is nice and quite pretty
she love Dafu and his father too
Before leave he gave her money and photo
she return the money but took his photo.

one more thing he wants to do
Swim with Dafu as a sea turtle
leaving his love and sense of presence
when he finally really have to go.

Title: Ocean Heaven
Produce in Year: 2010
Director: Xiao Lu Xue
Stars: Jet Li, Lunmei Kwai, Yuanyuan Zhu, Wen Zhang
This movie in Shanghai Media Award
Won Best Film: Ocean Heaven 2010
Won Best New Director: XUE Xiaolu 2010
Won Best Actor: Wen Zhang 2010

This movie was one of 3 movies (Temple Grandin and Taare Zameen Par) that played at Usmar Usmail Building, Kuningan in the “Special Need Children Awareness” Festival & Campaign by College of Allied Educators (CAE).
My heart and appreciation goes out to the parents who are always fight for their special need children.

happy birthday edgar…

My son celebrated his birthday last Monday. He’s so excited about it since a week before. In the morning we all doing regular activities, My husband and I went to work, and the kids was going to school. In the afternoon, when I got home he told me what happen in his class. After morning prayer his home room teacher suddenly announced that it’s his birthday that day. Edgar was surprise and blushing, but deep down in his heart he feel so happy.

I let him play outside with his friends for a while. He like to bike, and he’s always exchange or sharing his bike with his friends. When his sister came home, we ate lunch together. Edgar mention that he wanted to invite some of his classmate for his birthday dinner, especially Kezia Bintang his favorite girl in class. I try to explain that we can’t just invite people like that, they might have something else to do, especially in the school nights.

That night just like the way he want, we went to Pizza Hut for dinner. We invited oma and opa to join us. We order 1 big pizza, pasta, soup, salad, chicken wings and hot drinks. Edgar enjoy his food as well as played around the table with his cousin Benito. I asked my husband to take some pictures of us with the mobile phone, he was so funny making faces.

After dinner we stop by at the hospital, which is just a block away, because My sister’s son Prince, whom Edgar’s best friend must be hospitalized. Edgar said he also want to stay in the hospital, I told him that it’s not fun to be sick. I remind him the time when he fall from the roof and stay couple nights in the hospital. We wait for a while then go home after we pray for Prince.

Edgar really want a new bike for his birthday. We went to some stores and check the price for used and new bike. But he end up agree with my husband suggestion to fix and repainting his old one. It cost less too, only he insist to buy Animal Kaiser, a card game for boys, So I took him to the mall the next day to buy one.

Can’t believe my son is 8 now. I wish him to become a strong but gentle man and a smart but humble one. Happy birthday my dear…


This morning my little boy drop me off to work (with his father of course). On the way, on the motorcycle, i told him stories i heard from podcasts. Edgar is 6, he still in K2. He’s a very active young boy. He plays badminton, he runs fast, he climbs tree and gates. Just recently he felt from our neighbour garage’s roof. I have told him to get down, and he did, but he climb back with his friends, they all fall down when the roof was broken. He walked back home crying, I scolded him for not listen to me. he said sorry and told me that it’s really hurt. I bathed him and took him to the hospital right away. They did x-ray and CT-scan to the right part of his head, because he felt hurt there. There was no fracture or bleeding, but he got to stay in the hospital for 2 nights from the inflammation.

I don’t know why but this son of mine care about the housework more than my daughter. He can initiate to help me to wash dishes and sweep the floor. And I love him for that. Sometimes out of the blue he come close to my face and kiss me all over my face. I hope he will keep doing that till he’s teenager, because I saw many boys avoid their mom’s kiss when they got older. One thing I just found out lately that he’s been listening to the songs “You’re still the one” by Shania Twain and “How do I live ” by Leann Rymes. Both are my favorite songs. Edgar loves to sing. One time he’s performing at school and sing solo. The song is about mother. I was sitting there enjoy the beautiful moment hearing my son sing for me in front of many people. Then couple months ago he was sing in his school choir. they join a competition and won. I am so proud of him.

Edgar Eugene….I mend to name him Jason, because I love name started with letter J (his sister is jasmine jade). But a few days before he was born, my husband’s cousin got a baby boy too and name his son Jason. So I went through all my list and find Edgar and Eugene. So I combine that 2 names for him. My father-in-law gave him a chinese name Kwan Siao Kwang.  Unlike my daughter, he got my family’s feature, the nose and smile just like mine. As a mother I hope and pray that he will become a fine young man. I don’t care if he will become a famous singer or a movie star, as long as he love God and others, he’ll be a gentleman.