by the well…

I was just reading Genesis 29 when Jacob arrived in Paddan Aram and met Rachel at the well. What a romantic story…Suddenly I am interesting to find out more about well in the Bible because some stories of life changing happen was by the well.

Well play an important part in the life of people in the Bible, because to the wells, the shepherd would lead his flock of sheep and goats out of the thirsty. Long caravans or solitary travelers would rushed to the wells to refresh themselves from blazing heat of noon. Here also the local women would gather to gossip and to fill their jars. Well have become the landmarks in the topography of Palestine and links in its varied history extending from Abraham, who dug wells near Gerara some 4000 years ago, down to Christ in the New Testament.

There are 3 important events in the Bible I want to focus that happen by the well:
1. Genesis 24. The story of Abraham’s servant looking for a wife for Isaac, It was a big and important task. As man he can judge a woman from physical appearance, but he didn’t want to bring back just any pretty lady for his master. He want to get the best one so by the well he pray a specific pray, then waited. By the well he saw Rebekah go back and forward draw water and give drink him and water his 10 big and very thirsty camels. By the well he saw how God fulfill every single detail he asked for.
2. Exodus 2:15-22. The Life changing of Moses. He was a handsome prince in Egypt, got all the things that a man want but when he did one mistake, Pharaoh wanted to kill him. So he fleed to Midian. There by the well he met 7 daughters of Midian Priest who came to draw water and water their father’s flock. Moses got up and help them, and there he got to know his wife to be Ziporrah, whom gave him 2 son. It was the place where God prapared him to become a great leader to lead His people out of Egypt.
3. John 4. The story of Jesus talked to the Samaritan Woman. It was at Jacob’s Well in a Samarian’s town called Sychar. Started with Jesus asked for drink (verse 7) then the woman asked Him for the living water (verse 15) to the woman recognized Jesus as the Messiah (verse 25). That’s all happen by the well, the change of her life and perspective, and cause her to go and called more people to God. By the well, Jesus show his love and kindness and touch a life of a prostitute woman and made her new.

Just like Jesus said to the Samaritan woman in John 4:13. “Everyone who drink this water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life”
Jesus is the Living Well, and from Him we got the Living Water that not only satisfied our thirst forever but also create in us a spring of water to share with others and welling up to eternal life.


w a t e r . . .



mist, rain,

d  r o p l e t s,

p o o l s and p o n d s,

s t r e a m s and r i v e r s,

w a t e r f a l l, sea and ocean,

bubbling, dripping, spilling,

falling, pouring, flooding

washing and bathing

drinking & cooking

w a t e r  i s





My fellow Blogger, don’t forget to drink lots of water everyday!